What Does Thriving Mean to You?

What Does Thriving Mean to You?

Take a deep breath…close your eyes and get still.

Now…picture yourself thriving.

Try not to think of it as what it will, or what it should, look like. Allow yourself to see what comes through.

Spend a few minutes there…

Ask yourself, “what does thriving mean to me?”

Whatever it looks life, take a few minutes and write it down.

Thriving, when we get honest and specific, is going to look different for all of us.

Too often we get tripped up and don’t know which way to turn, because we’re either not being clear, conscious, or honest, about what thriving truly and unapologetically means to us, on the most personal level.

When we’re influenced by what other people see as thriving – successful career, marriage, kids, making lotsa dough , whatever – we’re often stumped with fear and uncertainty, or, we take steps in directions that don’t really jive with us.

I know it can be hard to tell sometimes what your definition of thriving is. I really do get it. That’s why self-discovery or more like, self-revealing, is so important; so that you can live your best life, and the world can benefit from the best you.

Thriving really can mean many things.

Maybe it means living on a beach and making just enough money to enjoy the simple (and free things in life).

Or staying home with your children, teaching them how to love and be loved.

Perhaps, it’s climbing the corporate ladder and jet setting around the world.

Or starting your own business and growing it to a place where you’re comfortable, but not too busy.

Maybe it means building an empire.

But don’t be surprised if your definition changes. As we learn about life, and ourselves our ideas and ideals will change. Different seasons, different reasons.

My vision of thriving, in this moment today, is being married to my fiancée, raising a family that I make time for and running a business with purpose and passion. I see travels and adventures, and deep pleasure in the simple everyday things too. I see myself banding with other females to make collectively positive shifts, in leading conscious lives. I see more experiences than material things. I see a lot of smiling, and a lot of love.

That doesn’t mean it will always be all of those things at the same time. Things flow in and out and priorities can shift for short periods of time for the sake of your greater vision.

Make an agreement with yourself to live and make decisions from a place of not only knowing what you want, but why you want it. Get clear on your what and your why, and then align your thoughts, actions and words with them.

What’s cool is that the more you get real about what happiness, success and satisfaction mean to you, the easier it is to attract your (vibe) tribe – the people you work with, collaborate with, your friends, and yes, your lovers too.

But the coolest thing of all is that you get to be and do YOU.

Peace, love and knowing your definition of thriving,


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