Dating Can Feel Easeful (Not Necessarily Easy)

Dating Can Feel Easeful (Not Necessarily Easy)

Everyone around you has told you dating is hard AF. Heck, you’ve said the same yourself.


So how in the world am I now going to turn around and tell you that dating can feel easeful?


Because I’ve seen it to be true time and time again – dating is not always easy, but it does get to feel more easeful for you.


It comes down to your confidence.


Even when a sticky situation comes up, like a guy you’ve been talking to long-distance for a few weeks makes an excuse to not meet up, you let him know kindly and compassionately that you’re only available for someone who wants to show up.


…and he calls you a week later to thank you for being real (a recent experience for one of my Date With Dignity Mastermind ladies).


This is easeful.


I’m not saying things will always go exactly as you want them to. 


What I’m saying is that when you stand in your worth and let your relationship vision guide you like your north star, you can be yourself and respond to situations honestly – no game playing.


It’s the overthinking and strategizing that complicates things for you.

Imagine this possibility:


—> You gain clarity on your patterns and triggers and your vision.


—> You are courageous enough to bring your full self to dating.


—> You communicate clearly and honestly, in the good times and the bad.


—> You get positive feedback for being so real and your confidence rises.


—> You connect more deeply with someone than you ever have before.


This is how it can be for you. When you know who you are, what you want, what you stand for, and what you’re claiming for yourself, it becomes like this built-in filtration system.


The ones who aren’t a match fall away and the ones who are can recognize you more easily.


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