We Can No Longer Afford To Make Emotional Awareness And Intelligence An Afterthought

We Can No Longer Afford To Make Emotional Awareness And Intelligence An Afterthought

We are at a tipping point my friends, and we are best not to be looking the other way. 


What we do from here will play a massive role in how we move forward as humanity or recess backward into more fear – impacting generations to come – keeping them at war.


What we’ve created in this messy 3D reality of ours is at times hard to comprehend. So I will not talk on that level. There are people who are far more politically inclined and educated than I.


What I will speak to is the “higher” issue, the core of our wounds.


The heart of all of our issues lies in our mental and emotional well being – and actually, the lack of it.


Hate is fear.
Fear stems from an unhealthy mind.

And wreaks havoc on the emotional body.  


The heart of our problems is that we do not raise our humans to check their minds and their hearts, to feel their emotions.


They (we) don’t have the tools to dig themselves out of mental and emotional black holes.


Left undealt with…


They hate, they lie, they kill, they fear.


It’s about time we make mental and emotional education a fucking priority.


Rather than educating our society on how to chase things, and have them regurgitating information from a textbook let’s encourage:


Critical thinking.

Emotional awareness.

Honest communication.


Let’s look our emotions in the face. Name them, feel them, free them.


As opposed to what we’ve been doing…


We either don’t sit still long enough to feel anything, or we dive in head first with no training as to how to get our heads back above water.


That’s enough already.


We can no longer afford to make emotional awareness and intelligence an afterthought; a practice that’s reserved for the “spiritual” types.


Emotional intelligence – the awareness of your feelings, your willingness to sit with them and pay attention to them and your ability to express them in healthy constructive ways, is the long game.


This is something each and every one of us can do.


Starting with ourselves and pouring onto our children.


You are not powerless and no longer need to buy into that narrative.


Yes, I may live inside of a Utopian perspective. And it is my mission to draw more people into it.


When we look fear right in the face, it loses its power.


Look your fears right in the fucking face.


Feel the discomfort.


And watch them dissipate.


Ask for support when you’re not doing well. 


Answer more than “I’m good” when someone asks how you’re doing. 


It’s time to get raw and real people. 


We thought we could hide behind our fears…


Well, guess what?


There’s nowhere left to hide.


The veil has been lifted, and here we are, exposed.


With love,

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