Surrender, the Secret Sauce to MANifesting

Surrender, the Secret Sauce to MANifesting

When you hear the words surrender, you may imagine waving a white flag, throwing your arms up in the air and claiming defeat.

There’s an air of giving up.

This is far from what it means to surrender to the flow of life – there’s not one ounce of giving up – but rather releasing control, and choosing to join in the dance.

There are times in life where we feel so inspired, we want to get up, take action and make shit happen.

And then there are times where we feel like we’re on an uphill battle – like when you go on one bad date after the other wondering who put a curse on your love life.

This is when surrender can not only save your love life, but your sanity, too.

While you may see this as taking the easy way out, I ask you to reconsider.

Choosing to trust rather than push forward, is not easy.

Letting go of expectations and inviting in the hand of the Universe, is not easy.

Surrendering, is not (always) easy.

The mind would much rather have you try harder.

But harder, is not always smarter.

Surrendering is a conscious choice you make when it feels like you’re trying too damn hard.

It’s an invitation to let the Universe take over the wheel for a moment.

It’s an opportunity to enjoy being a passenger and take in the scenery on your journey. 

Surrender means detaching from the outcome and choosing to believe that all is working out for you.

I surrender multiple times a day.

Before every consultation with a client who feels like a perfect match, I surrender.

I literally get down into a child’s pose, say the words I surrender and a little prayer.

I detach from the outcome and show up as my best self, curious what this relationship could be.

And ladies, it’s more than working for me.

When things don’t seem to be going my way, my reflex is to keep going and push through – and yet, every single time I challenge myself to let go, lean into the discomfort and relax a little – the exact thing I want, in an even better package than I could have imagined it, shows up.

When you’re stressed about what the guy you’re seeing meant by something he said, surrender to the fact that any story you make is an assumption.

When you’re anxious about how a date is going to go, release your expectations and commit to just enjoying yourself.

And when you’re overly attached to things working out with a specific guy, release that too and relax into the journey of getting to know him – and more of yourself.

Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up. 

It means trying a little less and trusting a lot more.

And it requires being in tune enough to know when you need to “do” vs when you need to sit back and be – which also happens to be an excellent lesson of how to be in a relationship.

Surrendering can look like a prayer, mantra, and even more practically, noticing when you’re trying too hard to meet someone or keep someone around and consciously deciding to stop, drop and roll. Aka put your phone down, take a deep breath and focus on something else.

I ask you to surrender not because I don’t want you to go online, go to the singles parties or hire a coach.

I ask you to surrender so that you can more easily meet him when you do go online, go to that party or work with that coach.

It’s a dance you see, and when you learn the steps, you will enjoy your love life more than you ever have.

This, I promise you.

With love,


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