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The Only “Resolution” You’ll Ever Need

It’s the first few days of the new year, and you’re more motivated than ever to go after your dreams. Go on with your bad self.

You may even be making a list of resolutions of all the things you want to start – and stop – doing in this new year. So what I’m about to say might come as a bit of a surprise.

There’s only one resolution you’ll ever need and that is to FIERCELY LOVE YOURSELF.


When you’re in the space of loving and honouring yourself, you’ll more naturally and joyfully do the next best thing for you; whether that means working out, writing up a business plan, chilling out, saying yes, saying no – whatever honours you.

When you feel good, and you definitely will when you fiercely love yourself, manifesting comes so much easier. This is the conduit for all that you want – a lover, more money, a better bod – there ain’t nothing off limits.

The question is, how do you make this state of loving yourself more natural?

  • Say nice things about yourself to yourself and others.
  • Think kinder thoughts – you will inevitably have some negative self-talk. When you do, practice gently shifting towards thoughts that are more positive.
  • Forgive yourself – no matter how “bad” that thing you said or did was, holding onto it is far from loving and worse, it drags that thing from the past into the present. 
  • Accept yourself – “flaws” and all.
  • Focus on what you do love about yourself – I know there’s at least one thing.
  • Feed more of your thoughts and energy into what IS good about you – this also happens to be the easiest path to improving the rest.
  • Be your own best friend.
  • Encourage yourself the way you would anyone else.
  • Spend time alone – and learn to love it.

Now, the last thing I want is for you to turn these things into a to-do list and then get down on yourself when you don’t do them – there’s nothing more counterproductive than that! All you gotta do is be aware of giving yourself more love, and give a little more every day.

Remember that the only way to share love with anyone is to have it first; so loving yourself is the foundation for that awesome relationship I know you want to have. And it’s the launching pad that will give you the confidence to indulge in your passions, go after your dream job, get into shape, date without worry and most importantly – to just do you. 

Peace, love and fierce self-love,

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