It’s a Trigger Party

Here’s the plain and simple truth:


You can’t “regulate” your love life if you can’t do that for yourself.


While most of us want to believe that we’re doing quite well, our emotional landscape says otherwise.


—>We are easily triggered.

—>We worry, a lot.

—>We are never really quite satisfied – with anything.

—>We always want more and take things and people for granted.

—>We have a hard time being honest and speaking from our hearts.


Now imagine joining with another person who suffers from the same emotional burdens.


And then put them in a house together.


Add a mortgage.


A baby or two.


And what do you get?


A trigger party. Frustration every day with little understanding of the true reasons why.


So what’s the solution here?


Emotional awareness.


Only when we become aware of our emotions, spend time with them, and get curious about them can we develop our emotional literacy and the words to follow suit.


If this is something you KNOW you could do better with (and you see how it will massively benefit your love life), I invite you to sign up for my free masterclass – Courageous Communication in Dating & Relationships.


It’s going to be love-changing.


With love,


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