Consciously “Seeing” Your Love

Consciously “Seeing” Your Love

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Do you ever notice yourself getting into a rut of frustration with your partner?

…and can’t quite figure out why?

They aren’t doing anything wrong per se, but still, sometimes you just feel like SCREAMING!

Usually, if not always, this stems from something that’s stirring up inside of you; something you’re not satisfied with that may, or may not, have anything to do with your bf or gf – yet, they’re definitely getting the shit end of things. The reason could even be a physical one, something that just isn’t balanced in your body that’s got you on freakin edge.

It can be a long journey to figuring out what causes us to go through moments of seemingly unjustified anger and dissatisfaction.

But in the meantime, there’s something you can do to stop deflecting your issues onto your partner. It’s pretty simple actually:

 SEE them.

I’m talking about taking a deep breath when your hormones are raging and your adrenaline is rising – and actually looking into the eyes of your loved one. Does this (hopefully sweet) person really deserve the verbal or emotional beating you’re about to give them? Can you not, just for one moment, see the person that you fell in love with and all they’ve done for you since? Have they really done anything to warrant the bad vibes you’re spewing at them?…and can you not see deep in their eyes how much they just want to make you happy?

Of course, sometimes we end up with people who don’t deserve a moment of our time and who are truly frustrating – but that’s when you gotta say “sayonara”. I’m talking about the boyfriends and girlfriends out there who are the victims of your own misplaced insecurities. And how we need to start actually SEEING people. If you have any love for your main squeeze (or people in general) at all, just this brief moment of conscious “seeing”, should soften your heart (and your tone of voice), and make you reconsider that nasty thing you were about to say.

Actually seeing the people around us, instead of passively looking at them, will open a flood of love in our hearts that just might be powerful enough to end all wars…or at least for now, unwarranted arguments.

Peace, love and consciously seeing your love,

Diana. X

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