Women-owned, Women-run: The Rwanda Craft Brewery Project

Meet Josephine “Fina” Uwineza, the woman who with your support, will be opening up Rwanda’s first craft brewery, owned and operated by women.

Born in Rwanda, Uwineza spent 5 years living in Ottawa, Ontario and is now back in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. Knowing that Rwandans drink as much beer as Canadians do, the idea of creating a Canadian-inspired craft brewery in Rwanda was born while speaking with Toronto-based consultant, Nancy Coldham. This led to Uwineza’s connection with Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co., which I probably don’t have to tell you is the best organic beer.

Together, Fina and Beau’s CEO, Steve Beauchesne, are setting out to create a women-owned, women-run craft brewery in Rwanda and ultimately, Rwanda’s own national beer.

Beau’s is committed to helping Fina launch this project, for no other reason than giving – they won’t be taking any profit from the project. Yes, you read that right, zero profit.  They will contribute with financing, expertise and hands-on employee training. And they’re calling on your help too. They have a kickstarter campaign to raise $95,000 for the next steps of the Rwanda Craft Brewery Project.

And with 32 days to go, they, we, are asking for your help to make Fina’s dream a reality.

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