Redefining Education: Inside the Brilliant Mind of Mira Katz

Whether she’s inspiring students or fellow entrepreneurs, Mira Katz, a.k.a. the brilliant mind behind Montreal’s leading tutoring company, Redefining Education, is the epitome of a future thinker and conscious creator.

Beyond tutoring students specific subject matter simply to pass their tests, Ms. Katz and her team have a much grander mission: to build independent learners and foster intrinsic motivation to learn and succeed.

Not your average Janes and Joes over here. Today, at the age of 23, Mira has built a successful company based on a solid foundation of like-minded people who are dedicated to redefining education. They coach their students on how to set goals, manage priorities and anxieties; they help organize course notes and create personalized study plans; and they create a solid foundation for each course by breaking concepts down and linking ideas.

Based on a pillar of 3 C’s, creativity, confidence, curiosity, Katz has developed a whole new approach to tutoring by teaching students how to learn. And she’s not stopping there. This budding brilliant beauty has so much more in store for us as she walks along her path of inspiring independent learners who have the confidence to thrive and create whatever their hearts’ desire.

Read on for more with Mira Katz.

What inspired you to create your own tutoring company?

As a student, tutoring was my part-time job. It was also my favourite hobby. I would go house-to-house helping kids with their homework and study for tests. There was this strange period of a few weeks, where I started a professional Master’s program, but I was more excited to leave class and head to my tutoring jobs. I would rush out of my own school in a hustle, but leave my students’ homes with tears of joy and fulfillment. Everyone said there was no such thing as being a professional tutor – so I decided to invent it.

What was the first step you took to create it?

I made a kick-ass business card. Nothing says “I’m the real deal” better than a very impressive piece of cardboard.

Who do you love working with the most?

I love working with teens that are self-aware and have big dreams. I can literally see them transforming into incredible humans that will have the brains, values, and skills to make the world a better place long after they leave my office.

Can you tell us a little about your tutoring style?

I prioritize getting to know each student – like really know them. What do they like? What makes them excited? Nervous? Sad? I want to know their goals, their strengths, and weaknesses. Once I build a very personal relationship we can learn together on their terms – in a way that is motivating and totally relevant to how they see the world.

What do you find most challenging about what you do?

My job involves re-teaching what failure means. Most students come in with the belief that failure is bad, but I have to convince them that failure is a very important step in the learning process. It takes courage to be okay with that, and the school system (and sometimes even families) aren’t always giving out the same message. I have to create a safe bubble where we keep going no matter what, and we cherish the struggles.
The funny thing is that as I build my business, I have to practice what I preach. That’s my biggest challenge.

Most rewarding?

When I hear my students throw my own words back at me. Like “let’s be positive” “I want to be as prepared as possible” or “wow learning is so much fun”.

Taken from the school of Life Coach Melissa Dawn, if I gave you a magic wand that could create anything you want – what would that be?

My dream school. But it’s fine, I can build it without the wand.

Describe your work in one word.


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