Pazit Perez Phototherapy – Get your #SOULfie on

Photographs by Pazit Perez

What do you get when you combine self-love, empowerment, good vibes – and a camera?


The most recent creation by Montreal-based photographer, Pazit Perez.

To break it down, Phototherapy is a photo session designed to empower and create the ideal self in the form of an image. The real image. That photograph is then used as a tool to empower and re-wire the way someone sees themselves. It’s therapy with photography.

“I create the highest grandest most extraordinary vision for your life, because you become what you believe, and I can create it visually for you.”, Pazit.

Think of the image as a vision board. But instead of pictures of all the things you want to achieve or become, you just see the image of the ideal you. The one that already exists and just needs you to see it.

Pazit’s photography style is clearly influenced by her advertising background, which also happens to make for some pretty bad ass, beautiful images.

Her style is edgy with a vintage feel. Her photographs are raw, real, authentic.

And to top it off, she’s one kick ass human snapping her way through her life’s work as a lightworker.

If you follow her on social media (and I suggest you do), I’m sure you’ll dig her cool and conscious message.

But first, let’s do a little digging here with Ms. Perez herself.

What is phototherapy?

Phototherapy at the base of it, is a self-love session, meant to inspire and empower people to become their ideal selves. There’s the adult division of phototherapy which is based on the law of attraction – that you become what you believe. I visually create the belief and people use the photograph to help them on the journey to becoming that person. With kids, it’s about inspiring self-confidence, assisting them to raise their confidence and have a positive image of themselves. It’s very important that our teenagers today, are built on a solid foundation of self-esteem and self-worth.

Can you tell us a little about what sparked the idea of healing the soul with photography?

It stems from my own personal experience with self esteem and self worth, which inspired the vision for it. Also through my clients. When they would see their photos, they couldn’t believe it was them. There was a time when I was feeling really broken and took a self portrait; I saw this very confident, powerful person. So when I looked at the photograph I didn’t see the broken person. I used that photograph as inspiration. And so now, I do this for my clients; so they can use their photographs on their journey. The picture itself becomes like a vision board: if you can see it, you can believe it and be it.


You ooze with positivity and clearly aim to inspire. What drives you to do what you do, and what do you consider to be your greatest gift to give?

I think because I bounced back from my own adversity, I’m very passionate about helping people thrive and seeing them succeed. I don’t want their adversity to become a roadblock and keep them from their potential. I love to help with that. My gift is creating a photograph that inspires people and that changes the way that they perceive themselves. It empowers them.

What do you love about photography?

The connection with people. I love stories. I love to hear everybody’s story. I’m passionate about it. I’m very intuitive, which really helps me in capturing photographs that bring out people’s essence.

Is there anything you like a little less?

No, I love photography. I’ve even considered putting a bed in my studio, that’s how much I love it. I know that it’s my calling and there’s nothing else I’d rather do. It’s a high. It’s my high.

Words are just as much a part of your message and what you share, as your images are. What words are you jiving with most these days?

Love is the first one I’d say. Mindfulness, empowerment, inspire, authenticity, integrity, peace, freedom. Serendipity is a word I’ve been using a lot.

You obviously have a unique approach to photography that catches the eye and is unmistakably you. Can you break it down for us, how do you describe your photography?


Describe yourself in one word.






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