Atelier EV – Montreal’s Newest Sustainable Fashion Line

Like any good encounter, I met Genia de Marco, Founder of Atelier EV, at the A New Woman Today conference back in September, when I flagged her down to express how much I loved her outfit. It turned out that Genia was actually in the process of launching her own sustainable fashion label the very next month – and I wanted to be first in line to find out more.

Atelier EV is the newest addition to the growing community of sustainable fashion designers in Montreal. The label aims to create clothing with sustainability in mind, by using certified organic fabrics and fabrics left over from previous textile projects.

“I’m aware and concerned about the environmental and fair trade issues of fast fashion, and as an individual building a local brand focusing on sustainable textiles helps justify my need to create.”

De Marco plans to collaborate with screen printers and other artists to fully express the artisanal vision of the label, which can be seen in the beautiful bomber jacket she recently created with hand-painted sleeves. Her designs are a whimsical blend of art and fashion, wrapped into sleek and unique conscious clothing. 

Keep reading for more about Montreal’s newest and coolest sustainable fashion clothing line, Atelier EV.

Genia, it’s so good to learn more about your amazing brand, straight from the source. So tell us, what does EV stand for?

EV stands for Evelina Viscardi. It’s a combination of my grandmother’s first name and the last name of my boyfriend’s grandmother. We’re both creative people and wanted to find a way to collaborate together. As a photographer he works with history and memories, and I base my design process on artisanal storytelling, which often deals with traditions. Picking our grandmothers’ names felt special and seemed like a nice representation.

You’re still in the launching, what’s your vision for Atelier EV?

The label aims to create fashion with sustainability in mind. Sourcing certified organic or deadstock textiles is hugely important to me. I’m aware and concerned about the environmental and fair trade issues of fast fashion, and as an individual building a local brand focusing on sustainable textiles helps justify my need to create. By offering small production runs, Atelier EV can produce special RTW pieces. In the future, I’d like to collaborate with different textile artists, to better express the label’s artisanal vision. Furthermore, the idea of sustainable living will be explored by putting forward collections with pieces that can easily be worn from one season to the next.

Please tell us more about the  ‘Viscardi’ bomber jacket with hand-painted sleeves!

I’m really excited about this piece, it was so fun to make. It’s made from a hemp/silk blend charmeuse textile, making it super durable but with a luster not usually associated with hemp. Often I like to create simple silhouettes with a focus on texture, colour and/or print. I cut a circular design into a rubber block to make a stamp, and applied the design to the sleeve patterns with fabric paint. I wanted to create a clean yet playful piece, which inspired my colour and print choices.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in artistic movements, history and traditional cultural aesthetics. My work can often be described as whimsical and painterly. I’ve always been interested in mythology, and often use this as a starting point for research. I want to explore the importance of storytelling and develop these concepts into my work.

If you could describe your designs in one word, one would that be?

Ah that’s hard…I’d say thoughtful.

What’s next for Atelier EV?

A holiday pop-up shop December 17-18 at Corail Blanc, a trendy jewelry store located on St. Laurent Blvd. Expect one-off pieces especially for the festive season.

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