Your Beliefs Shape Your (Love) Life

Your Beliefs Shape Your (Love) Life

I believe …I’m…awesome.

All too often we identify ourselves and others with labels: daughter, son, mom, dad, engineer, assistant, straight, gay, single, married – too many labels to count.

But the thing is, who we are and what we achieve is more than anything based on our core beliefs. Our beliefs are our identity; they make us who we are (thank you Oprah & Deepak).

The last two articles I wrote focused on attracting love – more specifically, that special kind of oh-so-romantic love. So I’d like to wrap it up by shining a big bright spotlight on how beliefs play a major role in our ability to FIND and KEEP love.

Actually, spotlight is exactly the right word. Through my meditations this week, I’ve uncovered just how powerful our beliefs are – and even more so, the ones we’re not aware of. The beliefs that we aren’t aware of have the most impact on us, because they work in the background. When we know what they are, we can work through them. So get that spotlight out.

Our beliefs shape our confidence, our expectations and our dreams…pretty powerful stuff. And of course, they’re also going to affect our love lives (or even the mere existence of them).

Once you start uncovering what your background negative beliefs are,  don’t attempt to tackle them one belief at a time. What we know by now, is that what you focus on will grow. A better approach is to build a positive set of beliefs, which will eventually boot out the old ones (goodbye & good riddance).

But first, you have to acknowledge the power that your beliefs have in not only attracting love, but in helping you choose the right kind of man or woman. When you believe that you deserve good love, the choices you make & the things you accept for your life will be a direct reflection of that.

We all have room for improvement when it comes to our core beliefs. And I can’t even begin to express the incredible ways my life continues to change as I practice (gently) infusing positive beliefs into my subconscious – it’s made all the difference in my friendships, the projects I take on, the opportunities I create and most of all in my love life – the one I have with myself, and the one I have with my boyfriend.

I believe that I’m lovable, that I deserve to be loved and that I’m perfectly loving. This belief system has acted as a guiding post for me from the very start of my relationship (over two years ago), and has never failed to guide me every step of the way. I believed that this kind of love existed and that I would have it in my life. And because of that, I chose someone who fit right into that belief system. We have a solid relationship for so many reasons, but all these reasons wouldn’t stand a chance if I didn’t have positive beliefs about my worth, who I am, and the kind of (love) life I expect – and accept for myself.

What we believe shapes what we look for, what we accept and what we give. In other words, our beliefs shape the guy/girl we seek out, the one we end up dating (if any) and our ability to show him or her love.

Be very, very cautious of what your beliefs are & how they shape your choices. Positive beliefs make for positive people – and relationships. So go on, give it a try.

Peace, love and belief shaping,


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