You Are The Centre of Your Universe

You Are The Centre of Your Universe

Once upon a time, you may have been told that YOU are NOT the center of the Universe; that you need to get over yourself and that not everything is about you. Well, I’m about to squash that right here, right now as I tell you that you are the center of your universe.

While yes it’s true that not everything in everyone else’s life is about you – everything in your life is. The experience you call your reality, is a reflection of your perspective, your beliefs, your sense of worthiness, your love for yourself, your conscious and unconscious patterns. Your version of the Universe is a direct reflection of your consciousness, as is mine.

If you can lean into this idea and begin to accept it to even the slightest degree, you can start to shift the reality your experiencing by making more purposeful choices. You can choose your perspective and beliefs to align with the highest vision of your life. You can increase your sense of worthiness and self-love, to match the life someone worthy of love would have. You can choose which patterns serve you and leave behind those that don’t.

This weekend I co-hosted a retreat called the Self-Centered Mama where we talked about fulfilling our values, from the inside out. When it came time for me to present my portion of the morning workshop, I had to explain to these nurturing mothers that they are indeed the center of their own Universe, and that their families are an outlet through which they could express themselves, their love.

By filling their cups, by choosing what makes them feel love, joy & inspiration first, they would then have more to give to the different outlets of their lives – be it motherhood, vocation, their love lives, homes, friends, finances, etc.

By choosing to put themselves at the center, they would have the power to shift their emotional frequency, which would shift the circumstances and relationships to match what they’re giving off – in energy, not in actions.

Giving from an empty cup may have been something you observed in others (hello, your mother), and it may have created a deep rooted belief within you that selflessness is a good thing.

I’m pleading to you today to put your self back in – and not just anywhere – I want you to consciously put yourself right back in the center of your Universe. Because whether you realize it or not, you’re already there; and when you begin to realize it, and make your choices from this understanding, you begin creating YOUR Universe as a reflection of what you desire and know you deserve.

You my dear, are not the center of my universe, or that of your partner’s, child’s or mother’s, even if they think you are. You can and always will be however, the center of your own. Feel it, know it, and live by it.

Peace & love,


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