I’m Just Saying, Words Matter

The other day I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and “like” we always do – we noticed that we were saying “like”, a lot.

Oh my God, like have you ever tried to go 5 minutes without saying like?

Ya, pretty tough.

So we started to go deeper into how words matter. We also dug into the words that don’t empower us, or bring the highest value to what we’re saying.

The best of them, (or is it the worst of them?) being the word, “just”.

I “just” wanted to say hi; I “just” wanted to see when you’d be paying your overdue account; I “just” wanted to know how you feel.

I’ll admit, I was a “juster” for so long! And I’m probably still guilty of it sometimes, but generally speaking, I’ve wiped that bad boy out of my vocab. Unless of course, I’m talking about something that just happened.

The word “just” attempts to keep you in a safe zone, but really, it implies hesitance and a lack of confidence in the message. Because if you want to say something, and you’ve decided to say it, then JUST say it!

No need for the subliminal apology.

The next time you catch yourself writing or saying that word in the context of a question or inquiry, at the very least, eliminate the “just” all together.

I “just” wanted to say hi – I wanted to say hi

I was “just” wondering when you wanted to meet up – I was wondering when you wanted to meet up

I “just” wanted to ask you a favour – I wanted to ask you a favour (better yet, I’d like to ask you a favour)

One’s timid, and not fully committed; the other’s transparent and poised.

I’m  trying to be more conscious of the language I use in my thoughts, emails, the things I say to my friends; because I’m aware of how they condition me, and mostly, because, I’ve witnessed their incredible power to make things come to fruition.

So I’d like to suggest a little exercise.

Try being mindful of the words you use to express yourself, especially the words you use when you’re trying to influence or persuade (for the good of course:)), or create a positive outcome.

Now, catch one that trips you up.

Maybe it’s saying “I think”, when it should be “I know”, or “but” when it should be “and” – whatever it is, catch it as often as you can and replace it with a word that’s clear and cool; ya, definitely always cool.

Peace, love and words that matter,


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