Why Your Man May Not Want to Talk About Marriage or The

Why Your Man May Not Want to Talk About Marriage or The “Big Dream” Stuff With You

I can’t tell you how many times I talk to women who have these grand plans about what they want out of their relationships.


Epic date nights.


World travel.


Long romantic conversations.








Big dream stuff.


And when I ask them how they’re currently experiencing and enjoying the small day to day stuff with their partner. They tell me all the tales of how frustrated they feel, how they’re relaying this frustration, and how it’s being received by their guy.


To which I can empathize and understand; seven years into my relationship, the romance can get sidestepped by resentment and blame.


But this is the catch!!!!


Only by enjoying doing the small things together will your partner then be naturally inspired to do the bigger dream stuff with you.


Like seriously, tell me why in the world he would put a ring on your finger when you meet him most days with something to complain about – something that usually has to do with him.


It just doesn’t make sense…


If you can barely decide without arguing, who’s cooking the next meal or what your plans will be this weekend – why do you think a trip around the globe will be any easier?


The short answer? It won’t.


By enjoying the simple daily things, you create space in the relationship to actually dream together.


So rather than what you will spend your time doing together, lean instead into how you want to be during the time you spend together. 


I know this is easier said than done, but with practice, it will become the door that opens to all of your dream experiences, with him, and more importantly, with yourself.


This may be an even bigger reminder for me than it is for you – so let’s say it loud and clear together:


The power is in the present moment and how I show up inside of it.


With love,


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