Why You Don

Why You Don’t Need To Choose Between Career And Love

It’s not an either/or ladies. You can kick ass in your business or work-life AND have a thriving relationship.


In fact, they perfectly support each other.


As someone who experiences both, and who shows my clients how to do the same, allow me to explain.


What I’ve found to be true, is that the deeper I sink into my relationship – being in love, spending time playing, indulging in slow time, showing deep appreciation and making space for pleasure – the more vibrant I feel – and the more my business grows.


As women, we are not meant to be working all the time in a linear fashion, the way the patriarchy would have us believe.




When your pleasure factor increases, your frequency rises with it, and the work you do is inspired and aligned.

LOVE activates your heart, which relaxes and opens your mind to receive great ideas which you can then execute.


Your words and actions are inspired and create a bigger impact.


Even if you’re not currently in a relationship – pumping up the volume on pleasure magnetizes men and money.

It’s the fierce feminine energy that creates what she desires and destroys what no longer serves her (like all time for work and little time for play).

Trust me when I say, I’ve lived on both sides and the money gates opened when I gave pleasure much more space in my life.

I did well for myself with the hustle and grind, but I did exponentially better when I opened myself to more fun.

And on the other end, all the personal development work you’ve done to thrive inside of your business and work can and should be applied to your love life.


The two are not mutually exclusive.


In fact, I find it beautiful to create a bridge between the two.

What works well inside your love-life that you can apply to your work-life?

What works well for you in your work-life that you can apply to your love-life?

And where do you need to create some boundaries for yourself so that you can have focused relationship time and focused work time?


What I’ve found to be undeniably true is that love and money (the fruits of your work) are deeply linked to your sense of worthiness.


As you build your feelings of worthiness, both will grow.


Love is the ultimate definition of abundance (time, money, romance, experience, you name it).


If you replace the words money and love with energy, you will see, they are one and the same.


Get it, girl.

All of it.


With love,

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