Where You Can Meet Quality Men

Where You Can Meet Quality Men

“Where are all the good men?”


“Where in the world do I meet this guy?”


Sound familiar?


I wish I could just wave a wand for you and poof, appears a line up of great men! Wouldn’t that be great?


And, it kind of does involve a little bit of imagination, but before I lose you, let me offer you some more tangible tips.


One of the most “secure” paths is referrals – just like anything else.


If you need a cleaning person, you ask around.


If you need an accountant, you ask for a referral.


Same thing applies here. 


Let people in your circle know that you’re open to meeting someone and if there’s someone they think would be a good fit, they could keep you in mind and make a “soft introduction.”


Friends of friends is a great way to meet people who will have a similar vibe as you.


Another thing you can do is go to meetups that focus on topics that interest you and/or things you imagine learning about/doing with your partner.


This is a great way to meet like-minded people – and new friends, too.


Going to events is another outlet. But here’s what I caution: don’t try going to events alone if you’re going to feel all awkward about it.


Equip yourself to feel your best. Put on a nice dress, grab your girlfriends and be your magnetic self.


And when you’re at these events, think about which feels most empowering to you:


Making a move and approaching someone, or sitting back and letting them approach you – and in the meantime, perhaps smiling and making eye contact (that was my modus operandi in my single days 😉


Lean into what is truly the most empowering “strategy” for you.


Now these two are my favorite, so I’ve saved them for last:


Online dating – if you want to give yourself a chance to meet someone who’s interested in a relationship, I definitely suggest a paid site like OK Cupid, Match.com or eHarmony.


You may have used one in the past, but I’d like you to reconsider. 


I know many couples who’ve made matches on these paid sites. 


What’s really important is that you answer the questions very honestly and think about writing your profile in a way that would attract the right guy.


It’s kind of like online marketing.


Whoever you consider your ideal “client” aka man to be, consider how he would recognize you as the one he wants to speak with.


It’s what I do.


I consider how my ideal client will recognize me as the coach she wants to work with (and how would I recognize her!).


There are certain words that I use and vibes that I give off. I plaster my smile all over the place because I know it’s attractive.


So let’s say one of your strengths is your smile, use it in your profile picture (little caveat: never do the duck lips thing unless you want to attract an a**hole).


Another thing you can do is actually look at what you find attractive in men’s profiles beyond their picture and write your profile as a complement.


For example, if a man writes something along the lines of liking to take spontaneous trips on the weekends, and that is something you genuinely find attractive, then you could write something similar on your profile.


My favorite place of all to meet quality men is really and truly everywhere you go… stay with me.


I met Jack (my husband) on a street corner as I was getting into a cab. And I know that this might not happen for everyone, because it might not be your story, but it is possible to meet people this way.


The thing is, most of us are walking around with our heads glued to our phones; we’re not really smiling, we’re not really aware of our energy or appearance.


Open the door to more possible connections in the places that you already frequent: like the gym, the coffee shop, the elevator, walking to your car, simply by dropping your armor – aka phone, headphones, resting bitch face.


It truly is possible to meet people anywhere.


So then, your main focus becomes your energy or vibe.


What makes you magnetic? Do you even know?


A good way to figure this out is to ask your friends what they love about you.


Because beyond knowing what you want in a man, you need to think about how he’s going to recognize you – especially if you want him to be the one doing the “approaching”.


How will he recognize you as the type of woman that he a) wants to say hello to and b) potentially wants to date?


Reflect on this, ask your friends what makes you magnetic, and let me know!


With love,

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