What is Love Coaching?

What is Love Coaching?

What is Love Coaching?


Simply put:

I help women tap into their worth and create love lives that reflect this deep sense of worthiness (…and as a result, these women tend to make more money while working with me, too!)




I unlock your potential, by clearing up the drama in your love life so you can have a solid relationship to stand on, and make bold decisions in your life.


I’m here to make love easy for every woman that comes through my doors.


—> No more questioning every damn text you send.


—> No more accepting men who don’t make an effort to see you and be with you.


—> No more tears of frustration and wondering what the hell is wrong with you.


Replace these no’s with a whole lot of YES:


—> YES, to breaking old patterns.


—> YES, to a mastery level of awareness.


—> YES, to men noticing your confidence and being drawn to it.


—> YES, to knowing when it’s your fear rearing its head or your intuition trying to tell you something.


—> YES, to clarity about what you truly want in a partner and relationship.


—> YES, to experiencing love the way you’ve always wanted to.


By stepping into your most Empowered Self (something my clients know well!), I help you make a bold vision for your love life, and a “strategy” to close the gap from where you’re standing to where you want to be, inside of your love life.


We do the work from the inside, out.


Because as you’ve likely heard me say many many times before, your relationships mirror your internal landscape.


Whatever’s going on inside will show up outside – especially with those closest to you.


This is fundamental to love coaching.


Together, we co-create a roadmap that helps you find and keep love.


You will be the curator of your love life, and actually have fun doing it.


While you certainly don’t need a man, you do want one. And that is perfect. A healthy relationship offers the most powerful springboard to everything else you want. This I know for sure.


“The time with Diana, the insight and tools she offered as well as her continuous presence thereafter has played a big role in my transformation. I am now so much more conscious of my thoughts, emotions, and actions which enables me to align them in my best possible manner. I am much lighter in my approach to relationships and life. I am enjoying love a lot more than I ever have!” Mumtaz


“It’s an experience to be in Diana’s presence. She embodies confidence, boldness, and love in her role as a coach. Within one session, she helped me tap into my unshakeable worth which opened the door for me to show up as a confident woman inside my marriage instead of continuing to seek that confidence from my husband. It was a massive shift for me personally and inside of our relationship. I am so grateful for our time together!” Kelly


“Diana is in a league of her own.  And since working together, I’m now in a loving relationship with a man I reconnected with from my past. Diana combines a light, loving approach with structure and laser-focused questions that had me reflect in a new way about my relationships, about myself.  It was like a dance – an effortless exchange that never felt awkward or forced.  I recommend Diana to anyone who is searching for the ‘one’ and for those who have found the ‘one’ .. and want to keep them!” Sabrina


“I got engaged 6 months after our sessions- and now I’m married and pregnant with a baby girl – all this, Diana helped me to achieve! Thank you, Diana, for guiding me to the road of happiness and as you once said “allowing life to unfold naturally”. You helped me when I was at my lowest. Diana not only helps you through your “love problems” but she helps you understand what your mind, body, and soul are really going through. She has a soft yet thorough approach to love. After a couple of sessions, I could already see myself shifting my negative thoughts into positive ones!” Melissa


If know yourself to be READY for the relationship you’ve always wanted (a key requirement for any client I choose to work with), go ahead and book your complimentary discovery call here.


Sending love,

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