What a Man Really Wants to See You Doing

What a Man Really Wants to See You Doing

Do you believe you need to be the perfect woman to attract and keep a man happy?


Thinking like this might be the exact thing getting in your way.


If there is one thing I have seen to be true over all the years I’ve been doing this work it is this:


While you want to see how a man shows up for you, he wants to see how you show up for yourself.


Yes, this is a blanket statement and there are always exceptions, but if you can put that aside for a moment, this could be the piece that unlocks it all for you.


I’ve seen women go to all kinds of lengths trying to prove they are fun…sexy…worth it.


 Doing things like…

→ showing up at a guys house they’ve just started seeing in full lingerie because they want to give him a taste of what being with her would be like.


→ Learning how to cook his favorite meal just a few weeks into dating and spending days shopping for and cooking the meal.


→ Canceling a weekend getaway with girlfriends at the final hour because her new guy invited her to a concert only two days before the show.


…all of these things are nice. And while he wants to appreciate it, and feels that he should, there’s a deeper part of him that can sense you’re trying too hard.


And that is a turn-off.


Chances are, you’ve experienced something like this, too.


→ Someone who’s so nice they will do anything for you.


→ Someone who likes you so much they drop their plans (even their sweet old grandmothers), to see you.


I once had a guy hide the fact that he had a daughter from me for 2 whole months, afraid that might be my limit.


That little trick right there was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


He thought it was because I was upset he “deceived” me.

I was simply turned off that he would prioritize me, a woman he hardly knows, over his offspring.


The truth is, no one likes the feeling of being around someone who’s trying too hard or being inauthentic.


And when it comes to men, what they are unconsciously seeking is a woman who values herself.


She has boundaries and sticks to them.

She has a balanced life that includes him and isn’t all about him.

She knows what she wants and has the courage to speak her desires freely.

She takes her time getting to know someone before deciding he’s the “one.”

She values him and values herself even more.


What does this mean for you?


You can drop the charade, put down the spatula, and simply live your best life – all while telling and showing him that you like and appreciate him.


How freeing is that?


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With love,

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