Unconscious Biases and Blind Spots

Unconscious Biases and Blind Spots

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been really sinking into the realization that I have some unconscious biases — prejudices and beliefs anchored so deep inside of me, I had no sweet clue they were there.


I consider these my blind spots because without a proper mirror and time for reflection, I would never know they were there.


One of my biggest ah-ha moments was looking at all the investments I’ve made into coaches over the last three years and seeing that none of them were black.

Yes, I had excellent experiences. And no, this isn’t about swinging the pendulum the other way.


It’s about recognizing the possibility that even with a big loving heart (and being married to a man who is half black), I still have lots of work to do.


That I too have unconscious biases and blind spots that need my attention.


So now that I’ve acknowledged and felt the discomfort, it’s time to make different choices. Such as:


—> following more black men and women and being inspired by their wisdom and work.

—> investing in coaches from diverse ethnic groups.

—> buying from more black-owned businesses.

—> making a list of organizations that use prison labour and cutting them out of my budget.

—> and finally (this is where I could use some of your help), setting up recurring monthly donations to an organization that supports young black children. If you have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them.


My point in sharing this with you is to awaken and inspire you to look a little deeper and see where you may have blind spots of your own.


Starting with how you’re judging yourself — examine your self-talk and I guarantee you will be amazed at what you discover. Your inner critic is one harsh mother f***er.


Then notice what thoughts come up when you’re around people who aren’t quite like you — whether they be a different gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group, or socioeconomic status.


What are the subtle thoughts running in the background when you don’t quite relate or understand someone?


Shining a spotlight on these unconscious thoughts shows us the pathway to change — once we know which biases are there we can slowly start shifting them into thoughts that are anchored in love.

So if you’ve been feeling like you don’t quite know what your role is in the global awakening we are currently inside of, I invite you to start here.


Doing this work will reveal and unravel blind spots you never knew were there — even those related to your love life — like what you really think of yourself and of men, and what you really believe to be possible for your love life.


Spending your time here is worth your while.

Every little bit of fear you uncover presents a new path for more love.


With love,

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