Turning 30

Turning 30

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There was a time when I absolutely feared the idea of turning 30. What would I do without the scapegoat of being a twenty something year old? And how about the fact that I’m not married and I have no children? Doesn’t a thirty year old need to be super responsible? The list of fears and “what-ifs” was long. But I am here to tell you that I am fearless no more! Bring it on thirties.

When I took some time to reflect

When I took some time to reflect, I started to realize that my life has only continued to get better as I got “older”. And I started to think, what in the world was I so worried about – how much more amazing my life would be? I also began to realize that there is a WHOLE lot of prejudice against twenty somethings; “Oh you twenty year olds think you know it all”, “you’re in your twenties you are still a baby”, “wait until you reach your thirties, then you’ll start to understand life”. As a 29-year old (for two more days), I do beg to differ to some degree; but that’s another monologue.

When I really think about it, much the way wine gets better with age, I must say, SO DO I! I am more introspective, more confident in my decisions…and in myself.

I won’t pretend

I won’t pretend that having a loving man in my life doesn’t contribute to this feeling of readiness. I met him a month before turning 28 and he has definitely added to the awesome factor of my reality. But then again, I believe he came to me only when I was ready to receive him; any earlier, and I would have likely sabotaged this relationship. And trust me when I say, I paid my dues by taking many years to be alone. But regardless of love or relationships, I encourage each and every one of you to be empowered with every step, day, month and year of your life. Time moves forward – and you must too! Understand that the older you get the more wisdom you have; and this should not only help you avoid making the same mistakes, it also provides you with a strong armour to take on anything your beautiful heart desires.

I am excited

I must say that I am now beyond excited for the next decade of my life – one that I know will be filled with a whole new set of adventures and accomplishments. I look forward to this next phase with an open and enthusiastic heart and I look back on my twenties with gratitude for both the good times and the bad times, and mostly for the lessons learned. When I reflect on what I’ve accomplished in my twenties, I am proud and at peace…because I refuse to focus on all the other things “I could have or should have done.” I’ve made huge strides as a writer, learned how to take care of my mind, body and spirit, become a better sister, daughter and friend, met the most wonderful man a girl (ehhm I mean woman) could ask for, and above all else, I learned how to be happy.

While I am not always a fan of the queen B, she did say it best “I’m a grown woman and I can do whatever I want.” Now own it.

Peace, love and wisdom with age,



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