Why Your Relationship Will Fail If There Is No Trust

Why Your Relationship Will Fail If There Is No Trust

Few things are more important in a relationship than trust. And yet, it might be the very thing you struggle most with. Why oh why, is this thing that’s so hard to do so flipping important?

Because without it, you’re literally setting yourself up – or in this case, setting your relationship up – for failure.

Mistrust and doubt are happiness killers; they take you out of the present and launch you into your past or future – neither of which are real. They also act as blinders that keep you from seeing what’s real right now. Even if your partner is loyal to you, you won’t have the clarity to see it.

Without trust, you create a hostile environment and your partner feels the need to lie, even about the small stuff. It’s a negative cycle you see, and one that creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But, what if they’ve done something to make you lose trust in them? What then?

If you’ve chosen to be in this relationship, you must do so with trust in your partner and in yourself – otherwise you’re calling in more of the opposite. What you focus on and what you feed, will grow. Holding onto past mistakes is literally like recreating the past in your present. You can’t get to where you want to go from there.

If something’s happened to shake your trust in the relationship and you choose to stick it through, then you need to commit to restoring it – and this doesn’t include suspiciously questioning them or snooping through their phones. What it does include, is honest and respectful communication.

When you create an environment of trust, you inspire more of it.

And the launching pad for all of this, is trusting yourself. Trust where you’ve chosen to be and know that if something happens that isn’t aligned with your values, you have the power to choose differently.

You truly are the creator of your love life, and whatever you want in your relationship must begin with you.

You’ve heard me speak before of the concept of relationships as mirrors. Your relationship will always mirror the way you’re feeling on the inside. If you want to see more love in your relationship, you need to create more love within yourself (and for yourself) on the inside. If you want to see and feel more trust, be trustworthy, trust yourself and evoke more trust in the people around you.

I’m willing to bet that if you asked yourself, “do I really want to live in doubt and fear?”, your answer would be no. Being trusting is more freeing and more joyful. You deserve to live a life in love – and there’s no such thing as love, without trust.

Peace, love and trust,


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