Traveling With Your Partner

Traveling With Your Partner

Traveling is one of the most incredible gifts you can ever give to yourself; and it’s no secret that traveling with your boyfriend/girlfriend, can be the biggest test – or testament to your relationship.

The experience of travel (and not just vacationing) will reveal so much about your relationship and compatibility with one another, and it will certainly shine a big bright light on your motivation to seize the day. For instance, do you both have the same passion for discovery when you’re visiting new places? Are you moving at the same pace? Ie. does one person get up at the crack of dawn ready for adventure, while the other starts sluggishly rolling out of the sheets around noon? Having the same rhythm when you travel says a lot for the rhythm you’ll both have when you’re living in a home together, balancing work, kids, responsibilities etc. Not to mention, it reveals how much (or how little) you and your partner have that necessary zest for life to keep things exciting!

Traveling can also test your patience with one another – I mean you’re together 24 hours a day. And for those who are dating and not yet living together (as in the case with my boyfriend and I), this may be the first opportunity you’ve ever had to spend that much time with one another. The ability to spend endless hours together, and to spend them blissfully, is an incredibly good sign for your fortunate future.

The other thing about traveling is that you’re often faced with unknown scenarios. You don’t always know where you are or where you’re going next…and sometimes you’re just too damn tired to figure it out! If you can get through these moments as partners, and combine your brains and resources to figure out your next move, it’s very telling of how well you’ll weather the many difficult and uncertain scenarios your bound to face over a lifetime.

Of course, there’s also the FUN factor to consider! How much are you laughing and enjoying your time together? Are you secretly wishing you were on this trip with your best friend instead? Are you too busy arguing to notice the beautiful and novel scenery around you? If a couple spends their time arguing and bickering instead of being grateful for the experience they are sharing together, then there may be a lot to reconsider.

I just came off a two-week adventure with my mister, and I have to say the strength of our relationship was very much affirmed. We truly never argue, but I questioned whether we might if we were together 24/7…but guess what? It was nothing but pure joy, love and discovery. His and my ability to appreciate every moment, and to appreciate experiencing it together was an overpowering sentiment – from start to finish. The only thing that was revealed was that he’s pretty much perfect and that I sometimes suffer from hanger (hungry anger) – a girl’s gotta eat, haha!

People’s true colours will often reveal themselves when they’re not in their comfort zones, and I would suggest that knowing exactly what those colours are before a lifelong commitment to each other, is definitely a GREAT idea.

If you manage to not only survive, but to thrive as a couple and partnership while you travel, you will have certainly set a solid foundation for what will assuredly be a life of many adventures – and to boot, you’ll have a hell of a good time doing it!

Peace, love and fun-filled travels,


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