THIS Makes You Incredibly Magnetic

THIS Makes You Incredibly Magnetic

Most women believe that the way to a man’s heart involves showing him how great of a girlfriend you can be:


→ How well you get along with his friends

→ How wild you are in bed

→ How well-read you are on the subjects he loves

→ How mean a steak you can cook up (even if you are a non-meat eater;)


But I have to tell you, you couldn’t be more OFF the mark.


These are all great perks that may pique his interest. But they are not what make him drawn to you and want to commit to you before anyone else gets in there.


While you want to see how he’s going to show up for YOU, he wants to see how you show up for YOURSELF.


If you didn’t read that twice, please do.


Because this means that your only true “work” is to maintain your life and your boundaries WHILE showing him interest and telling him so.


This is your SWEET SPOT. This is what makes you magnetic.


Even though this may be an unconscious thought process on his part, it isn’t any less true.


Men are used to a woman dropping her friends and hobbies and losing all focus at work when she likes him; he can feel himself becoming the centre of her Universe.


Her happiness depends on him, her plans depend on him, her sense of worthiness depends on him.


And it’s a helluva lot of pressure.


She gives, gives, gives; and so naturally, he takes, takes, takes.


He may even binge until he’s had more than his share and gets “sick” of her. 


But when a woman maintains her friendships, spends time alone, makes her own plans from time to time and doesn’t drop everything for him  – he respects her, because SHE respects herself. 


Respect leads to adoration.


And adoration leads to love.


If you can do this, while being honest about liking him and how attractive, sweet, funny you find him? Girl, you are in for the long haul. He will never want to let you go.


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With love,

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