The Truth in Your Triggers

The Truth in Your Triggers

Pay attention to your triggers, because inside is a treasure trove that will save you years of misery.


(pause for dramatic effect)


Simply put, if the reason you’re being triggered in your relationship is because you’re carrying baggage and fears from your past, leaving your relationship won’t solve the problem.


The only thing that can is addressing the truth of your triggers.


Recognize that the surface story of why you’re being triggered (i.e.: the guy doesn’t answer your text fast enough) is not the truth of what’s being triggered – it’s something that goes many layers deeper and probably lends itself to a story of not being good enough.


If you can’t quite figure out what’s beneath your trigger try this:


When [thing that happened that bothered you], I felt [feeling] because [why I think I felt this way]. 


…and keep playing with this because chances are, you’ll need to go through several iterations before you hit the jackpot.


This is worth your while work because if you don’t solve it in this relationship, there’s a good chance it’ll keep showing up until you do.


Take the time to breathe through your triggers and peel back the layers. 


And if you want some help doing this, join my 14-day challenge. You’ll be so happy that you did!


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