The Truth About Life Visions

The Truth About Life Visions

I have a confession that may surprise you. As much as I think creating a vision is necessary for living creatively, I also think visions can be tricky and can keep you trapped.

Allow me to explain.

Following last week’s article about how much of your (past) vision has already come to reality, I started to think about how often we contrive our visions with our egos; we project desires that are attached to who we and others, think we should be. We use our minds to create these visions of our future, and abandon the voice of our inner GPS – the soul, spirit, heart whispers that may be nudging us in a direction that looks entirely different.

I know this, because I’ve done this (even just recently!). I’ve created visions of what I thought I wanted, coming from a place of lack and striving for more. As you can imagine, this included a lot of shiny pennies like trips around the world, beach houses and millions of dollars in my bank account.

There. is. nothing. wrong. with. this. vision.

What feels wrong, or unaligned is exactly that – the vision wasn’t actually aligned with what my soul was yearning to express in this lifetime. YES, I forsee travel, stays on the beach and abundance of dollars flowing in and out of my bank accounts, but that’s not the essence of it.

This kind of vision is very limiting and can keep you stuck in the confines of what your mind can imagine. But your soul, your inner GPS knows no such bounds and if allowed, can expand the vision of your life beyond your mind’s wildest imagination.

You see, if you conceive with your mind the exact life you want to live, the projects you want to work on and the qualities your ideal partner should have, you miss the signals and invitations from the Universe inviting you to look elsewhere, to a place that is more closely aligned to your Authentic self.

Now that doesn’t mean you should stop creating visions for your life. What I’m suggesting is that you (and I) allow the vision to come from a different place. To help do so, you can ask questions during your meditation, once you’ve entered a still, loving place. You may ask,“what is the highest vision of my life? What do I need to know right now? What kind of partner do I not only want but need for my spiritual evolution? How can I step into more authenticity today?”.

While you may not get all your answers right there and then, you will likely get flashes of inspirations and ideas. When this happens, take note. It could be on a trello board if you’re more of the project management type, or it could be as simple as keeping a running list in a journal or your phone.

You can take this a step further by asking yourself, “how good does this idea make me feel? Why do I want to achieve or do this thing? Does it make me feel abundant, enthusiastic and lit from the inside out?” If yes, keep it and add it to the vision

I want to be fully transparent in saying this is something I’m only starting to practice, and I am by no means an expert at doing so. But by writing and sharing this with you, I’m that more encouraged to keep moving in this direction of inspired, rather than contrived vision.

Whatever you envision for yourself, good or bad, stemming from the ego or the soul, if you practice sitting in the vision of it and believe that it will happen, then as The Law of Attraction goes, it will come to you.

So be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it.

Peace & love,

Diana. X

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