The Truest Moment of Love is in the Breakup

The Truest Moment of Love is in the Breakup

Have you ever felt closer to a partner in the final breakup conversation than at any other time in your relationship? 


This is not uncommon, and I’ve definitely experienced it myself.


The reason is that we arrive at this moment with nothing left to lose. The relationship is ending anyway, so we may as well lay all our cards on the table.


You’re finally speaking your truth, and being completely authentic.


You see each other clearly and acknowledge that the most loving thing you can do for yourself and your partner is to part ways.


It’s possibly the truest moment of love you’ve experienced together.


And that’s because you’re actually connecting on an emotional level.


You’re speaking your heart and listening.


You’re trying to understand and envision what your lives will look like apart.


Tears are shed.


Hugs and kisses are shared.


Your hearts are exposed, vulnerable and wide open.


But it doesn’t have to be this way…


This kind of connecting, on an emotional level can happen throughout the entire relationship.


You can…


speak up when something is bothering you in the relationship.
tell him how nervous you feel about that work thing you have coming up.

share stories from your childhood.

laugh deeply together.

caress him gently and unexpectedly.

let him in on your fears.

share your dreams.
look into his eyes.

giggle when you get nervous.

be your beautiful, wildly amazing self.


The breakup moment doesn’t have to be your most vulnerable, honest, loving moment.

The breakup moment doesn’t even have to come.


Share your emotions – the good, the bad, the wild. Your emotions are the way to his heart and yours.

With love,

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  1. Diana, sincerely you are the only one that doesn’t preach any malicious ways to manipulate a relationship. Your content is so Godly. It always led to a renewal of your faith in love. I learned from you that the journey to happiness in relationship doesn’t have to result in a breakup. Because of you, I’m able to continue my growth journey even within a relationship. My boyfriend leaves me that space to do my own exploration (his way to show me love). Dommage, the truth is I really can afford a consultation at my current financial state. Again, I’m hoping to book and learn from once I can. I know it would make a tremendous difference in my life.


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