The Things You Never Learned From Your Mama or Grandma

The Things You Never Learned From Your Mama or Grandma

Very few of us witnessed our mothers express their emotions in a healthy way.


What we observed instead is a woman who…


  • Suffered in silence
  • Ignored her husband
  • Sacrificed her desires
  • Stuffed away her libido along with her lingerie deep inside her closet
  • Blew up from time to time, screaming she’d had enough


We’ve seen the expression of emotions as a bad, scary, hurtful thing.


We’ve experienced this ourselves.


Like that time when you finally blew the lid off, burst into tears and told your guy all the ways he hurt you…


And instead of asking how he can make things better, he said, “you deserve someone better than me. You should let me go and move on.”


I know that stings because I’ve experienced the same thing more times than I care to recall.


But what if I told you it didn’t have to be this way?


What if I told you that you could own your emotions, speak with passion, and draw your man in closer?


What if I told you that your emotions are the way to his heart?


Men have rarely been encouraged to speak about their feelings, let alone feel them.


“Hush, hush little boy, you’re ok. You’re a big boy. Boys don’t cry. You need to be tougher than that.”


That’s the message that boys, who grow into the men you want to date, have been taught.


As you learn to speak your truth and talk about your feelings, you remind him of a little piece of himself he had long forgotten.


A piece that brings him back to his original self.


A piece and a place that feels like home.


When you feel comfortable with your emotions, he begins to comfortable with his own.


And he craves more and more of it.


Your feelings and your ability to express them make you irresistible.


You just need to learn HOW to express them.


And I can help you with that.


The question is…are you ready?


If you’re feeling the pull in your heart, book your call with me and let’s talk.


Your future self will thank you for it ❣️



With Love,

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