The Sneaky Belief that

The Sneaky Belief that’s Causing Major Damage in Your Love Life

I have yet to work with a woman who doesn’t have a deeply rooted belief (so deep, she often has NO idea that it’s there), that she is not worthy and not enough.


This belief can be sneaky; logically she knows she must be worthy, but she hasn’t quite embodied this on a visceral level – and it’s creeping its way into many areas of her life.


At work, she tries to prove how smart she is and works extra hard, waiting to be validated.


With her family, she gives way more than she receives, so as to be needed.


In her romantic relationships, she gives everything away (time, money, body, heart, self-respect) hoping the things she does for her man will make certain he never leaves.


All this because she believes, “I’m not worthy, I’m not enough.”


So of course, she must do, do, do, to prove herself valuable.


You see, this belief has her mind firing off with thoughts like, “maybe if he sees how great I am in the kitchen, he’ll want to come over more often” or “maybe if I try something wild in bed, he’ll be so addicted to me he’ll never leave.”


You can start to see the trap.


Because these thoughts have her feeling all kinds of anxious.


And she acts from that place.


Which of course, turns him off. 


He doesn’t give her the response she was hoping for, so she feels even more unworthy – and so continues the cycle.


In a breakthrough session I had with a client yesterday, we discovered that what she thought was a deep feeling of love, was actually a deep seeking of validation.


And with another client today, we discovered that “she gives herself away” far too easily.


These are not easy truths to face, that’s why I work with brave women. Women who are ready and willing to look at their shadows.


Because it’s in the shadows that we birth our desire for light.


So rather than giving herself away, my client is now sharing herself when and because she wants to. 


And yes, it’s a pretty statement that we back up with practical ways of putting it into practice.


You see, no matter what your childhood was like every child has three questions that burn deep inside of their hearts:


Do you see me?

Am I worthy?

Do I matter?


And somewhere along the way, we get the message that the answer is not entirely so. And there begins the rabbit hole of this deeply damaging belief, which we all possess to varying degrees.


So if you can accept that, on some level you are carrying this belief within you, I implore you to ask yourself, “Where am I trying too hard to prove my value?”


And see what comes to the surface.


With so much love,

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