The Secret of Stepping INTO Your 2020 Vision

The Secret of Stepping INTO Your 2020 Vision

It’s the start of a new year!

Actually, it’s the start of a freaking decade.

2020 – just the numbers alone invoke vision, transformation, abundance, stepping into what you desire.

Notice how I didn’t say “make it happen, call it in, attract it.”

I’m talking about stepping into the vision and version of who you are becoming.

Who you are becoming can be here as fast as you decide it to be.

When I journal about my future self based on some exercises shared with me by my dear friend, I talk about her like she is here.

And yes, some days I am more her than others. Some moments, too.

It comes and it goes, but I ask you:

What are the behaviours and patterns that you are ready to release?

Who and what are you ready to claim?

What can you be so damn grateful for today, right now in this moment, that it actually invokes an overwhelming feeling of appreciation and love?

We are no longer playing small my friends.

This is about stretching you beyond what you have ever imagined possible for yourself.

And no longer working for it – but stepping in. Stepping in!

This is the time to be her. And trust me when I say ladies, that as you step into her shoes: the love, abundance and health are yours.

As you step in it and claim it, you step into the reality of what she has, feels and experiences, as well.

So I ask you to consider:

What are the qualities of your future – most empowered – self?

What opportunities do you have now today to experience being her?

How do you imagine she would feel and talk and dress and be in the world?

How does she view herself?

How does she view men?

What is her tone of voice?

What is her perspective of this life?

How does she care for her mind, body and spirit?

What is the state of her home and affairs?

And finally:

What are the specific action steps combined with mindset work that you are ready to start doing today? Choose 1 at a time and as you master this 1, create a new 1.

This is your 2020 vision

F**k all that noise about the car and the house and the man and the job and the money – yes, of course I want you to have those things – and you will – if you FOCUS on her.

Who is that woman who has the car, house, man, job and money? Be her.

Focus on that, and I’m telling you, it is already yours.

Stay open and curious. Be gentle with yourself while simultaneously making choices that align you with her.

And with that, I leave you with the BEST wishes for the most incredible year of your life – not because it needs to be better than last, but because it is the vision of who you really are coming to fruition.

Happy 2020 my friends.

With love,

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