The Path to Experiencing Relationship Bliss

The Path to Experiencing Relationship Bliss

What is your last memory of bliss with your partner?


Pause, sit with this question, and truly sink into the memory of the last moment where you felt total love and peace with him.


Go back to that moment.


Remember it…

Feel it…

Savour it…


Now tell me this – what state were you in before this moment?


How were you feeling leading up to it?

What were you doing?..thinking about? …talking about?


And what brings you into that state?


This is a very important question not to be overlooked!


If you were feeling relaxed, joyful, grateful (or anything of the sort) BEFORE that moment of bliss with your partner, I want you to stop now and make a list of the activities that bring you into that state.


For example, some of mine are:







*Taking a bath
*Deep breathing exercises

*Spending time with friends

*Doing work I love


These are things I can do whenever I want to get in a more relaxed state, and when I do them, my relationship is better for it.


So I ask you, in fact, I implore you, to do these things regularly BEFORE trying to fix anything in your relationship.


Getting YOURSELF in alignment, before trying to get your relationship in line is key.


With love,

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