The Gift of Gratitude Pt.2 : How it Builds Relationships

The Gift of Gratitude Pt.2 : How it Builds Relationships

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Gratitude cultivates gratitude and ignites the fire of giving.

As you become more grateful towards yourself and your life, it becomes easier and more natural, to show gratitude towards others; and gratitude is hands down one of the best ways if not the best, to build (and improve) relationships. It acts as a glue that binds people together.

If you think about it, the best way to do most things is as a team; but so often conflicts, and complications get in the way and dissolve what could have been or what has been, a great relationship. People and the relationships we have with them, touch almost every aspect of our lives. We work with them, collaborate on creative projects, build families with them, the list of ties is a long one. So being able to make those into positive and fruitful relationships, is kind of a big deal.

If we show gratitude to the people around us, an interesting thing starts to happen – we also get it back. And through this back and forth, a harmony is found between two people who will then focus more on what they can give, instead of what they can get.

Think about this in the perspective of employee, employer relationships. The more an employer shows genuine gratitude to its employees (I don’t mean ego stroking), the more the employees are likely to reciprocate the feeling of gratitude, for having such a great boss and the more motivated they are to perform. There is flow between give and receive: a simple enough concept to grasp, but not always a simple one to apply. But the more you cultivate gratitude as a way of life, the easier it becomes to show it to others.

So much of what we aspire to do, involves people. Even in our loneliest creative endeavours, we come across people along the journey who help us in one way or another. Taking the time to recognize and express our gratitude towards these people is the foundation for the healthy relationships we will build with them, the very relationships that will keep our creative projects moving forward. Gratitude releases an energy that serves as a motivator for both the giver and the receiver, it keeps relationships positive and primes them for growth.

Think about the wonders showing gratitude could also do for romantic relationships. We so often choose to see all that is “wrong” in others, but making the choice to see what is great about them, what you appreciate in them, will light a fire (the good kind) in your relationships.The more gratitude you feed this fire, the longer it burns.

If you’re just starting out in a relationship, see how great of a foundation you will build when you constantly show gratitude to your lover, and watch them do the same for you in return. Sure, you may come across rough patches down the road, but if you can find your way back to a place of gratitude (and this goes for those who aren’t in new relationships), and point out the things you appreciate about them instead (if there’s nothing to appreciate, then you either need an attitude check or to reconsider this person altogether), you can start to restore the balance and love in the relationship. Relationships by their very nature are about giving. So if each person is focused on what they can give, as opposed to what they can receive balance is achieved. And once again, gratitude is one of the greatest motivators for the Universe and the people in your life to keep giving.

Be the one to initiate gratitude.

Peace, love and grateful relationships,


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