The Fascinating Truth About Why You Create Problems in Your Relationships

The Fascinating Truth About Why You Create Problems in Your Relationships

She tries to run her household with a close and watchful eye because her inner child is afraid of being exposed.


Say what?


This was a fascinating discovery recently made in a client session.


She came to me because she knew something needed to change. If she couldn’t learn to relax and truly embody being in her feminine energy, her relationship would crash and burn.


Through deep exploration we uncovered something that stopped her in her tracks: 


The reason she criticized how her partner did things around the house, including taking care of their child, was because she was projecting her inner child’s fear that she is not smart or capable enough…that she is not enough.


To avoid facing this fear within herself, she examines the “not-enoughness” in her partner.


Which by the way, is how the story usually goes.


The inner child in you and I, left unexamined, is always at play in our relationships from day one.


And even more so as the years go on.


As the relationship moves into the deep family phase (after two years), your inner child starts to show up in your relationship the way she did within her family dynamic.


The role she’s used to playing, the way she’s used to getting attention, her usual manipulations come very much to the surface.


Without the necessary awareness, your inner child and his are the ones having fights, being defensive, getting overly emotional, and being all-around triggered.


F*cking fascinating.


So what do we do about it?


The first step is awareness: my inner child is afraid.

The second step is deeper exploration: what exactly is she afraid of?


While there are more steps that take you deeper into the understanding of how your inner child is at play in your love life, and even more importantly, how to soothe her enough that she calms down and makes way for your empowered self to shine through –  I suggest you start with the awareness and the exploration and see what surfaces.


This can give you incredible insight to start with! And I would love to hear: What have you uncovered about your inner child and her fears?


With love,

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