The Best Way to Take Action in Your Love Life

The Best Way to Take Action in Your Love Life

There’s a misconception about “putting yourself out there” when it comes to your love life.

The idea is that you’ve got to take action. You need to get out and meet people because they ain’t going to come knocking on your door.

While in most cases this is true (when my friend called a paramedic for her mother, there came knocking her husband to be), there’s one key missing piece: alignment before taking action.

First off, let’s start by understanding what alignment really means.

Alignment is the feeling of joy and peace that come when your thoughts, words and actions, which impact your emotions, are in line with your Authentic Self – the One that’s on board with your desires, your worthiness and the greatest vision of your life. The One that always feels good.

Your emotions, which create an energy field around you (check out Heart Math if you want to know more about this) attract towards you or repel from you, the love you’re seeking. 

If it’s love you’re wanting, your energy is best placed in a state of love, acceptance, hope, trust, all the high energy feelings; because it’s your energy that creates the results you want, not the action itself.

Once you’re in this joyful, loving, aligned state, that’s when you take inspired action.

Sometimes, this means getting into alignment right before an action, like going on a date. An even more powerful approach is to focus on your daily alignment so that all of your actions (some of which you may not even be aware are leading you right to that person) come from a good feeling place.

When you act from a place of joy, enthusiasm, and trust, the impact of your actions and the results they yield are ten fold.

Think about it. If you go online or on a date when you’re feeling confident, excited and thrilled by the journey, how different will those experiences be than if you’re feeling doubtful, anxious and attached to the outcome?

The emotions you feel impact your actions, the kind of people you attract and the kind of people you accept. Period.

Let’s be clear that you can absolutely act without being in alignment and sometimes, it may even seem to be working; but left unchecked, this kind of action will yield unfruitful results, like more of the same old same old that hasn’t been working for you.

You then get frustrated because you feel like you’ve been trying so hard – and it’s not working. So you give up or settle for less than you deserve.

When you’re aligning to your desires, like attracting love, you need to first look at how you’re operating in opposition to what you want, and then make the shift towards anchoring in loving thoughts, words and actions. 

This takes practice, and I’d be happy to show you how to do it.

Once you’re feeling solid in your desire and your energy is aligned, take inspired action – like getting online, popping over to a nearby coffee shop or attending that event you’ve been curious about. Chances are, when you’re aligned with what you want, you’ll get all kinds of exciting ideas that you may not realize are leading you to meeting that person.

You see, there’s action that feels inspired and aligned, and then there’s action that feels like efforting and trying. As you practice tuning in, you’ll start to recognize the difference and truly enjoy the actions that pull you – not the actions you have to push yourself to take.

Because remember, energy is everything. Your vibe introduces you before you even speak.

Peace & love,


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