Supported, Not Saved

Supported, Not Saved

You my dear, do not need to be saved.

You my dear, are whole, capable and resourceful.

You my dear, do not need to be saved by me or the guy you’re seeing.


I am not the way to your healing.

He is not the way to your happily ever after.

We can however, be your support.

The energy of feeling like you need to be saved is one of the many ways in which you give away your power. And the double edge of this sword, is that it is in your power that you can enjoy the success, life and relationship that you so deeply desire – and deserve.

One of the first things I work on with my ladies is this mindset they come to me with, that I will save them from themselves. Yes I will support them, but they do not need to be saved by me.

This is a powerful f*****g reframe.

By stepping into this relationship with me, to be supported not saved, they learn to step into the relationship with a man in the very same way. It’s a practice, you see.

As your coach, I teach you how to practice being in a loving partnership with a man, where you know how to both give and receive and fully embrace your power, by being this way with me, and I with you. We speak to each other with compassion, we respect our boundaries, and we enter a co-creative relationship. 

We model what it is like to be in a loving relationship with a man, where you support, not save, one another.

By starting to experience with me glimmers of what you will experience in your relationship, it all starts to become more real and clear to you.

It’s powerful and transformative.

You my dear, do not need to be saved by me, or anyone. But you do deserve the support. We all do.

With love,

Diana X

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