Showing Up For Yourself. How I Keep Myself Feeling Great (#3

Showing Up For Yourself. How I Keep Myself Feeling Great (#3 & 4 are my favorite)

In life, you always have two choices: to sink or to swim. We all go through ups and downs, moments of joy and despair, grief and pleasure, this is in large part of the human experience. And while a little surrender is always healthy, so is showing up for yourself. It’s essential to care for your wellbeing, mind, body & spirit.

For the last few years, I’ve dipped in and out of different practices in my commitment to stay connected with myself. And over the last two months, since giving birth to my delicious little boy, I’ve gained a renewed respect for rituals.

The questions I’m often asked these days are, “why do you look so well-rested and how do you have the energy to do anything beyond feed and take care of your baby?”.

Listen, some days are straight up a challenge. Other days are softer and kinder, filled with love, smiles and sweet cuddles (mixed in with an array of other activities like work, play, etc.). On those tougher days, it seems easier to give up on the practices that keep me feeling vibrant; but it’s on these days that I know I need them the most. So I challenge myself to show up for myself the way I would for another.

These days, my practices of alignment that keep me feeling so good are:

1. Meditation:

As choppy as the sessions can sometimes be, they still serve me in a big way. Those few moments of stillness & quiet are extra appreciated these days; I swear even my little Cedrik benefits from them, too. Also, I feel damn proud of myself for remembering who I am outside of being a mother and taking care of the most important person, myself. When I’m good, I’m a much better mama, wife, friend, sister, daughter, coach, human, you name it.

2. Taking a walk:

It’s so much easier to stay inside (especially in the winter months), than it is to get my booboo and I dressed and out the house. But let me tell you, there was a two day stretch when I stayed inside and I did not fare well. Even a quick 20 minute stroll around the block is like a magic pill. Never underestimate the power of fresh air and a change of space.

3. Yoga, dancing, moving my body:

On that note, never underestimate the power of moving your body either. My favorite body movements these days include yoga (helps to get out all those kinks out from holding my babe while breastfeeding) and carrying Cedrik in my arms as I play some tunes and dance around the living room. He and I both absolutely love this!

4. Long embraces with my husband:

I’m impressed with how much I remember I’m not just a mama – I’m also a wife to a hottie husband. Nothing makes me feel more connected to him than a big long hug with my head on his chest. This is comfort and calm at its best. Again, it would be easy to let this slip away with the demands of mommyhood and running my own business, but a little mindfulness as to what makes me (and him) feel good goes a long way.

5. Writing & creating:

I knew before I had my boo that I wouldn’t let my work slip away; it’s too big a part of me. I love what I do and carving out the time to dedicate to my coaching, workshops, writing and new online program is a big piece of my happiness and sanity.

6. Working at a coffee shop:

With that said, I find myself feeling the best when I get our booties to a coffee shop for even an hour or two. I enjoy focused time and Cedrik enjoys his stroller nap. We both win.

7. Taking a bath:

I always loved a warm bath at the end of the night, and now more than ever.

8. A good soul sister conversation:

Few things feel as good to the soul as a conversation with a girlfriend filled with laughter & dream talking. These friendships and the few minutes we take over the phone every so often to check in are big time good for my feeling of alignment.

Why do I share this with you?

Because I know now more than ever how important it is to do the things that keep you feeling great. We owe it to ourselves and to the people around us to commit to the practices and activities that keep us feeling healthy, energized and positive.

So on the days when you’re feeling less than amazing, ask yourself, ‘what simple thing could I do now to help me get to a better feeling place?’. Then do that one thing.

Peace, love and showing up for yourself,


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