Shifting to an Abundance Mindset: A Lesson Learned

Shifting to an Abundance Mindset: A Lesson Learned

Abundance is the synergy of receiving, and giving. From a compliment, a nice thought or a smile, to generous tips, ideas and your time, there are a whole lot of opportunities and ways, to both give and receive.

I haven’t always had the abundance mindset that I do now; I’ve come a really, really long way. And on my journey, one of the great lessons I’ve learned is to give more than less and to give with pleasure.

Let’s say, I’m going to breakfast with a friend, I’ll pick up that bill because it makes me happy to do so. Or, if I’m tipping someone who’s provided me a service, I opt on the more generous side. Or, if I’ve agreed to lend a helping hand in some way, I show up with great energy.

I give freely because I know, there’s more where that came from. I’m not starving and taking what I can get, while holding on so tight to what I do have, that there’s barely room for more. It feels great to be generous with the people in my life, which inspires them to be more generous, and inspires me to be more generous – and well, you see where I’m going.

When you give with this energy, you are a vibrational match to abundance, and it becomes more attracted to you. You get what you put out into the world. And since living abundantly includes giving, just as much as receiving, you are in turn living more abundantly, right now.

My only words of caution are not to confuse giving with self-sacrifice. You don’t want to empty your cup, because all that means is there isn’t enough for you, or anyone else. And I’m not suggesting you allow yourself to be taken advantage of. What I am suggesting is that when you are giving, to opt on the side of generosity and abundance, vs. stinginess and lack. To give freely and make room for more to come in. And to give with a deep sense of knowing that there is SO much more where that came from.

Peace, love and shifting to an abundance mindset,


  1. Hi Diana,
    Thank you for this wisdom.
    A big life lesson.

    1. Hi Heather, thank you as well! We're all on this journey together :)


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