Self-Love is the Bridge Between You and Everything You Want

Self-Love is the Bridge Between You and Everything You Want

“I fell in love with my soul last night. It was like connecting a bridge between two different parts of me.”

This was an email I received from one of my amazing clients. We’d been focusing on self-love, nurturing the relationship with herself and on her overall wellbeing. We eradicated fear with love, replaced doubt with trust and anxiety with calm. And this was only two sessions in.

She helped me put the power of self-love into the perfect words.

Self-love is the bridge between the physical aspect of you – the one who walks, talks, thinks, worries and acts their way through life (the “you” you’re probably most acquainted with) – to the spiritual, less physical aspect of you. It’s the connection between the two and the pathway to alignment, joy and self-fulfillment. Self-love aligns your mind, body and spirit and it’s the gateway to true self-connection – which is the gateway to authentic connection with others.

Not only is self-love the bridge between you and YOU, it’s the bridge between you and everything you want.

As you love yourself more by way of your thoughts, words and actions, you create within yourself a sense of calm and trust, which puts you into a space of allowing and receiving. This is your power, love is your power.

Most people think that in order to get “better” they have to be hard on themselves…how else will they be motivated to change or improve? Self-love motivates you and aligns you to your desires. 

It energizes and feeds you which gives you the vitality, inspiration and zest for life that will thrust you into showing up: for life, for others, for yourself. It creates a consistency and a connection between how you feel and what you want. It’s coherence between your mind and your body.

You need to love and trust yourself to show up for your wildest dreams, to believe and know that you can and you willLoving yourself is ALWAYS the answer! Being hard on yourself, never is.

Self-love bridges what you want on the outside with how you feel on the inside. It is the bridge between you and everything you want.

Peace & love,

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