Why It’s Better To Rise in Love Than To Fall in it

Why It’s Better To Rise in Love Than To Fall in it

Your heart beats a little faster. There’s an indescribable feeling of excitement deep in your belly. And your smile has never been quite this big.

The way you likely explain this to your friends, is that you’re “falling in love.” It’s the way we often sum up that thing that happens when in romantic connections, or, when the object of our affection becomes the object of our obsession. It feels both exciting and scary, all the same…because isn’t falling usually at least a little bit painful?

What if we experienced love in a whole other way that’s both powerful and empowering? What if, we rise in love instead.

Rising sounds like a deep breath of fresh air. There’s an entirely different feeling with it; like people connecting from their hearts, not their egos.

Rising in love involves two whole people coming together to co-create a life that’s exponentially greater, knowing full well they don’t need each other – they want each other. It’s the kind of love that flows easily because each person knows how to take care of themselves, and from that place they experience the joy of taking care of each other.

There’s harmony between the three elements of the relationship the “Me”, the “You” and the “Us”.

I can tell you that I’ve both fallen and risen and love, and there’s an incredible difference between the two. Every relationship I’ve had in the past has felt like falling. I was searching for happiness outside of myself and when I found someone who I could connect with on some level and who gave me the kind of attention I was craving from myself, I fell hard and it was painful.

After three back to back relationships, I spent three years on my own in the pursuit of my own happiness. What did my life look like, sans man? What did I like doing? Who was I when I had no one to “explain” myself to? What brought me the greatest feeling of joy?

I relearned how to make myself feel happy, beautiful, satisfied and content on my own. And while I wanted a man, I no longer needed one. And so naturally, I met the kind of man who reflected back to me the great love that I had for myself. With him, I rose in love. It felt different…and still does. It feels safe, and yet still so exciting. With the lack of fear and worry, I feel totally free to create, live, dream, share, love and be my wonderful self.

Words matter, even if they do come down to semantics. Words makeup our thoughts, which shape our beliefs, which affect our actions, which create our realities. My hope is that we can all shift our perspectives on love so that instead of falling into the arms of someone we hope will save us, we rise with someone who we soar with.

Peace and rising in love,



  1. Diana I am absolutely humbled by what you say here. It speaks directly to me. I have realised that at in all my previous relationship I was searching for someone to complete me. This is why it felt so painful when they withdrew or left me. I felt empty without them. I am slowly getting to a place of self fulfillment. A place where I am free to be me, no filter. It is such a beautiful place to be in. I am no longer afraid to loose him because I am complete with or without him.

    1. Hi Mangaliso, your message hits home. I too have had this dependency in previous relationships and it was extremely painful. I wouldn't take any of it back because all of it has lead me to exactly where I am today, and I'm so incredible appreciative of my life. Thank you for taking the time to read, reflect and write these insightful words. Sending love <3


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