Relationship Hack #1

Relationship Hack #1

People often want to know the “secrets” to a good relationship. They want to know how they can have their cake, eat it too – and actually enjoy being in a couple. Because while most of us say we dream of being in a good relationship, we don’t always know how to keep it “good” once we’re in it. So here’s a relationship hack that’ll help you do just that.

When it comes to disagreements or differing opinions, if one of you has a stronger opinion on something (that doesn’t go against your values), then let them “have this one”.

The way I see it, so long as their view isn’t compromising to your vision or values, then compromise can be a great thing.

While in the past, compromise has been spoken about as a sort of surrendering of yourself or your ideal life, I much prefer to see it as an opportunity to view and do things in a way you may not have thought of before – an opportunity to learn something new.

When two people come together to share a significant part of their time together, they don’t often come with the exact same opinions (and thank goodness for that!). So blending lives can prove to be a big challenge, for most. But if you can both adopt the “hack” of letting the other person’s more passionate opinion hold more weight, everyone wins. You both get the chance to “be right” and have things go “your way” sometimes; and you also have the opportunity to keep an open mind to the fact that the person you love and respect just might have something to add to your life, too.

Life would be no fun if we had the exact same views on every topic, and while differing opinions can feel like a major relationship challenge, this doesn’t have to be the case, if  you use this relationship hack.

The (hard) truth is, sometimes we don’t know best and sometimes we don’t have it all figured out, and if we can let the people in our lives inspire us with new ways of seeing and doing things, we can learn to view them as messengers for our life lessons.

With this relationship hack, sometimes you’ll have a really strong opinion about something, and your partner will agree to do things your way, and sometimes it’ll be the other way around. This is a lesson in fluidity, flexibility and ultimately, living in love.

Peace & love,

Diana. X

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