Rediscover You to Remedy a Relationship

Rediscover You to Remedy a Relationship

If you want your relationship to be how it “used to be” – remember who you used to be.


One of the biggest traps I see women fall into is desiring their relationship to be the way it used to be and yet, day-to-day, they’re showing up nothing like they used to.


See, as you slip out of your “best self” and into someone who’s more triggered, more tired, and less inspired to pay positive attention to the relationship, your relationship starts to mirror that.


And then you inevitably desire your relationship to transform and change into what it used to be. You miss it, you crave it, you long for it. 


But the question is, are you willing to go back to being her?


Whenever I do something in my relationship that I feel, ehm, ashamed of, I always reflect back and think: is this how I would have shown up, responded, acted, when we were in the first year of our relationship? 


Usually, the answer is a big fat ‘no’.


So what’s the difference now? 


I’m more comfortable. We live together. I get lazy to bring my best self to the relationship.


Of course, I’m not gonna be perfect, but if I want my relationship with my husband to stay as shiny, loving and yummy as its early days, I need to find a way to step back into her.


If she used to be calm, considerate, light-hearted and spontaneous – the quickest way to get us back there, is to embody those qualities.




I know relationships come with their complications that offer the perfect excuses for you not to be her; it comes down to choice and a leap of faith.


And so, if there’s something you’re desiring in your relationship, if you want your relationship to go back to the way it used to be, the first step is not to nag your partner to give you more of X, Y, and Z.


It is to go back to being the way you used to be, not all at once, but little by little.


Do this, and you will see your relationship transform. Try it out for the next couple of weeks and let me know how it goes!


With love,

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