How My Plane Ride To Mexico Brought Me Back to Life

How My Plane Ride To Mexico Brought Me Back to Life

Looking down on Montreal thousands of feet from the ground, I could see all the little homes and buildings. I was trying to figure out what was what, where was where. I was so focused on all the little details, when I found myself in the clouds. No longer able to see it all. No longer able to see much of anything.

I observed the clouds, not overly attached and totally aware of the experience.

Then just like that, we broke through and were flying right into the clear blue skies.

I could see once again, and this time, from a totally different perspective. A higher one.

From this height, I could no longer see all the minute details or even try to figure them out. I was looking at the big, beautiful picture. And I felt immediately light, so very light.

I remembered how amazing it feels to fly this high, detached from all the things, to gaze.

And on that plane sitting alone in seat 27F with the entire back row to myself, I found myself again.

I had been so stressed out over the last few weeks trying to see and foresee all the details of my full life. I was so deep into trying to control every aspect of it, that I drifted into the clouds of confusion. And I didn’t even know it.

I had temporarily lost my sight (and if you ask my husband, some of my sanity, too).

Which in truth, is not only “normal”, it’s ok. I just don’t enjoy staying in that place for long.

It turns out this plane ride was just what I needed to remind me to stop focusing (aka stressing) on all the details, to rise above the clouds and to once again see things from a higher perspective, so that I can take in the big picture.

And how do I intend to do this now that I’ve touched ground you ask?

By noticing when I feel anxious, confused, hasty, impatient, frustrated, all of the things, and take a few deep breaths. To take those breaths until I feel myself rise into a calm meditative state. To focus back on the big picture of my beautiful life and stop worrying about every.single.damn.thing.

It may not be easy, but it’s certainly worth it.

And if I ever need that reminder in a big way, then I’ll get my ass on a plane and call it a day.

Peace & love,


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