Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences

Have you ever experienced something so intense it felt like you literally stepped out of your body and into a bird’s eye? It’s like you’re suddenly observing yourself from a perspective you don’t often get to see from.

I’m sure we’ve both had out of body experiences like these, and they’re freaking powerful. Why? Because, we’re so shocked or moved by the moment, that we step out of our “circumstances” and into consciousness.

This is a place of pure love and wisdom. And it’s a place where you and I can deliberately go more often.

I remember this one time 8 years ago. I was sitting in the basement with my then alcoholic boyfriend having the same conversation with him for what seemed like the 100th time. We we’re talking about our problems and it was so…blah.

I’m not sure if I really knew what I was doing at the time, but I can clearly remember hovering over the “situation” and observing myself in this basement, with this guy having the most unfruitful conversation.

I was having an out of body experience; it was weird and strangely accurate.

I saw a beautiful and loving young woman trapped in a cycle of her own making and not living life to her full potential. I could see her so objectively and with so much empathy; and in that moment I knew, this is not the life I’m here to live.  While it may have taken me a short while to navigate my way out of the relationship, my sights were set on the finish line and I eventually made it there.

This moment of objective observation was so empowering and eye-opening, I couldn’t forget it. Hell, I still can’t forget it.

It reminds me that sometimes when we’re so deep into something we can’t see straight the only thing we gotta do, is step outside of our bodies and into our consciousness.

Peace, love and out of body experiences,

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