Why You Aren

Why You Aren’t So Crazy for Staying in That Bad Relationship

I know what it’s like to stay with someone when things are (let’s be honest), mostly bad, because of the glimpses of good times.


They feel like…

incredible highs.

glimmers of hope.

reasons to stay.


Forget the explanations about why you’re in this pattern; what I want to share with you today is a layer deeper than that.


A layer that when explored, can uncover deep healing and sighs of relief.


What I want to say to you today is that what you saw in that person was true.


It wasn’t a lie.

You aren’t crazy or a fool.

Those glimpses of beautiful moments are not betrayals.


What you witnessed were brief moments of this person’s alignment with love.


Where he gave into the moment, felt your deep presence, and acknowledged and appreciated the gift that you are.


The problem is, he wasn’t willing/able to be in that light (love) more often than not.


He was trapped in his own fear.


And this made him lie, deceive, abuse, disrespect, belittle, criticize, all the things.


He allowed his fears to reign supreme, and for that, he lost the most.


So you, my dear, are not crazy. You simply need to see it for what it is: someone who is not willing to open the windows and let in more light.


He’s choosing the dark for now.


So instead of beating yourself up for staying, acknowledge the courage that it takes to wake up to this truth.


That the good you saw in him was true — he just needs to see it too.


With love,

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