Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Motherhood and entrepreneurship. Need I really say more? It’s a beautiful, messy, worthwhile adventure.

I’ve had a number of people ask me how I’ve been able to keep up with my business since having a baby just a few short months ago. The truth is, it takes intention, attention, organization and a lot of self-compassion. And while so much of my time is spent nurturing this little human, I have to tell you, my business has actually grown and continues to do so quite organically.

Here are the big lessons that have helped me achieve more, by doing less:

Being more intentional

Since I have limited time to spend on my business, I’ve become more intentional about the projects I take on. I’ve also finally started taking some inventory of the actions I take and asking myself important (and sometimes uncomfortable) questions like, what’s working and what’s no longer serving me? What am I still doing because my ego says I have to? What can I let go of? What can I do more of?

When I say YES to something, it now has to fit one (or all) of the following criteria:

  • Expands my reach
  • Moves my soul
  • Financially worth it
  • Fun
  • Aligned to my mission, my vision

Planning according to energy

This is a recent practice that is inspired by Kate Northrup’s Upward Cycle of Success, and one that has served me well. When I plan my weeks, I plan my highest energy (work) activities for the beginning of the week and day. Mondays and Tuesdays are spent working on content, and initiating (if any) new projects – since the energy of these days coincide with the energy of the start of a new week. Wednesdays and Thursdays are spent on activities like collaborations, marketing, and all types of “outreach”. Fridays are for tying loose ends, sending client agreements, answering emails and reading & learning. Saturdays are sacred family time and Sundays are for family, planning and resting. And my coaching calls are sprinkled across my entire week based on times that suit myself, my husband, Cedrik and my clients best. Most importantly, I plan my weeks with lots of room for flexibility and spontaneity – I leave room for the magic to happen.

Asking for help

With all my strengths, asking for help has not been one of them but I’m truly stepping into this new skill – because asking for help is not only necessary, it’s a sign of strength and self-care! I ask my mom to help me research things for Cedrik, I ask my mother-in law to watch Cedrik while I do my coaching calls, I ask Jack to wake up a little earlier to spend time with Cedrik before work so I can meditate and start my mornings a little slower, I ask my VA to help me out with increasingly more tasks and my Biz coach to write some copy for me. Some help is free, some is paid, and all is welcome!

Letting go of guilt

This is not an easy one, but I’m learning that guilt serves neither myself nor Cedrik. Working on my craft is a big part of what moves me. So I’m learning to let go of any guilt I’ve had around working during these first few months of Cedrik’s life. This saves space in my heart, mind and day! I accept that I’m not only a mother – I’m a wife, friend, daughter, sister, coach, speaker, writer, dreamer and most importantly, a soul who is here to experience all that I can. This means getting more comfortable with Cedrik playing on his own from time to time, instead of feeling like I should always be playing with him, stimulating him, cuddling him etc. In essence, I’m doing less “shoulding” on myself.

Embracing this season of my life

While I’m definitely still working, creating, and doing all the things, I’m also embracing this season of my life – because I do know that it will pass all too quickly. I lean into motherhood daily by spending more present moments with Cedrik. I absolutely love the mommy x baby groups I go to (this week I’m attending a baby massage workshop that I’m SO excited for!), I take walks with him daily (sometimes more than once), we hang out at parks so he can watch the kiddos play, I sing him songs, read to him, feed him, and give him a TON of hugs and kisses. I rest more than I did in my previous life and enjoy the stillness of that time, more and more.

I don’t take for granted this small window of time where Cedrik can fit into the nook of my arms, where he looks at me like I’m his whole life and where his skills and personality are developing in a phenomenal way.

To feel the most into this precious time, I use the word alignment, my word for the year, as my guiding post. Doing what feels most aligned to me, moment by moment, is how I aspire to live, and how I hope to inspire Cedrik to live.

Motherhood and entrepreneurship on their own present a massive opportunity for personal development. Now combine the two together, and there’s no stopping how unlimited you can be. My journey with motherhood and entrepreneurship is ever evolving as I, my business and my baby continue to evolve. Everyday, I ask myself questions to release limiting and imposed beliefs I may have surrounding motherhood, so that I may continue to carve out my own definition of what being a mother means, of what my baby needs, and most importantly, what my soul yearns to be.

Peace & love,

Diana. X

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