I Wish For Every Woman To Experience a Moment Like This

I Wish For Every Woman To Experience a Moment Like This

There he was, kissing me and whispering sweet nothings in my ears in a hotel bathroom in Los Angeles. Every woman should experience a moment like this with their partner!

A couple of weeks ago, Jack, Cedrik and I reunited in Los Angeles after ten days apart. Jack travelled to Columbia for a best friend’s wedding, and Cedrik and I met him in LA for another best friend’s wedding a week later!

That day also happened to be my 34th birthday (never felt better).

After a day of exploring, we were back in our hotel room with our little guy sleeping in our bed (he absolutely refused that cold hotel crib) in our totally dark room. Now we know to get a suite the next time we travel so that we can actually hang in a lit room while our son catches his zzz’s #learning.

Anyway, Jack heads to the bathroom, where we can actually turn on the lights and calls me in there. He’s telling me how much he loves me, misses me, all the sweet stuff. And I’m like, show me the present that I know you’re hiding in here! Haha no shame 🙂

So I first unwrap this beautiful mug from Columbia and say to him, “ah, I was just thinking I want to start collecting mugs from around the world. Thanks babe!”. He tells me to look again, this time inside the mug.

So I reach in and find a jewellery box…inside were the most beautiful emerald earrings.

The reason these are particularly special is because my engagement ring is an emerald (my fave colour) which was ethically sourced from Columbia.

And these earrings were made to match that ring, in the very special green colour that it is.

So romantic.

In that moment, Jack was showering me with words, touch and gifts of affection.

I was fully immersed, fully present, fully open to receive his love. Everything else ceased to exist in that moment, my to-do list, my worries, my insecurities and my busy mind. And I felt powerful, beautiful and deeply appreciated.

THIS is what I wish for every woman to experience with a man that she equally adores.

Jack’s outpouring of love towards me was a literal, physical manifestation of the deep love I have rediscovered within myself.

The truth is ladies, we are our most powerful selves when we are being loved, praised, appreciated, adored and supported in this way. And for so long, we have been closed to this.

We have taken on the role of caretakers and forgotten to be cared for, first and foremost.

When we are in our power, praised and appreciated we can harness that energy and turn it into freaking magic.

Let’s be clear that I’m not talking about having power OVER a man. I’m talking about the POWER of being so open and aligned to receiving love, that we take that energy and run with it. 

We bring it into our work, our homes, our children’s upbringing, the lives our sister friends, the way we spend our money and the impact we make on the world.

Women who are open enough to receive love will CHANGE THE WORLD.

And I’m committed to doing my part to make it happen!

Sending my love to you in deep waves of gratitude,
Diana X

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