How to Make Things Happen

How to Make Things Happen

What if I said I could offer you a simple formula for how to make things happen? Would you believe me? Would it matter? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

The way to create all the things you want is to ask, believe, release – and then take inspired action.

While it may be simple, it’s not often easy.

Ask and you shall receive. I bet you’ve heard that more times than you’d like to count. And I bet you’re thinking, “I’ve asked, and I’m still waiting.”

I hear you and I totally get the frustration. Because asking is only one piece of the puzzle.

First, you gotta making sure that what you’re asking for is clear. You don’t always have to know exactly what you want; just be as specific as you can from where you stand, with what you know. Now write it down and keep refining.

Let’s be clear that asking without believing, is basically setting yourself up for failure. It’s like you’ve stacked the odds against you, because whether you realize it or not, you’re giving your focus and creating momentum in the direction of things not working out for you. Your doubt is literally in your way.

If you can be real enough to admit that most of the time, your desires are riddled with doubt, you can choose to try something new. You can choose to change the direction of your focus, to face the sun and to believe that you’ll have what you want.

It might not feel easy or natural at first, but if you can consistently go back to this practice, you’ll see for yourself how all of this works.

And as you practice believing and that starts to get a little easier and more natural for you, I want you to move into knowing. And when you know it will happen, you can release it. Literally capture your desire in the palm of your hands, throw your arms up – and release it.

With your new found knowing, you don’t have to hold onto your ideas so tightly, as if they might escape if you just relax a little.

Once you do these three things, you’ll start to get inspired ideas. And when you get those ideas, you need to act. These ideas are coming to you from a place of pure connectedness. Follow that place…this is where creation happens.

These ideas are pure inspiration, coming to you in doses of good vibes. They’re not forced attempts to change a circumstance in your life.

The clearer you get in your vision and the more you come into your knowing, the more inspired and focused your action will be. These actions will come organically and they’ll have greater impact because of their authenticity. And from there, there’s really no stopping the chain of events that will line up to make things happen.

So whenever you’re about to take an action, check yourself first. Are you working from stress or joy? Are you feeling positive or negative? Align your energy before you tirelessly work your way through your to do list (note to self).

I know there have been times where I’ve rushed home and practically run to my computer to get work done. Doesn’t sound very inspired does it? So instead, I make sure I take the time to slowly and comfortably get settled in; and I’ll often start with a short meditation.

When I’m in that place, the words roll off my finger tips. They are more connected and impactful. I feel that buzz of creativity and I actually get things done, faster.

Hustling will get you places, that’s for sure, but things don’t always have to be so hard; we don’t always have to drag ourselves through the mud first. We can be clear instead of vague, we can believe and know, instead of fear and doubt, and we can chill out a little and do things with pleasure.

Ask, believe, release and take inspired action = How to Make things happen.

Peace, love and make things happen,



  1. Great!!!!!
    less doubt more focus!!!
    will do this for sure!!

    1. Hi Barbara! You're amazing, let me know how it goes!!

  2. I needed this one - Thank you!
    I am going to work on the believing and releasing!!

    1. I'm so glad to hear this, Randi-Lee! We can all use this reminder from time to time :)


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