Don’t Go Looking for Your Soulmate – What to do Instead

With the first chapter of 2017 behind us, you might be feeling the pressure to find your soulmate this year. And if meeting that special someone is important to you, then you’ll definitely want to keep reading:

Instead of looking for your soulmate, stay open to meeting one – and let the larger part of your focus be on nourishing the relationship with your bad-ass self.

Let me be clear. I’m not suggesting that you’ll meet someone by staying home reading and meditating all day. What I’m saying is that looking and being open, are two very different energies –  the first one has a lack vibration that keeps him or her “lost”. It also makes you a little too hungry and ripe for desperate measures.

The idea is that you want to be open and ready to meet someone, who will add to your life. You want a relationship, but don’t need a relationship. And in the meantime, in your openness, you’re doing the things that bring you joy – just because they make you happy.

If you’re living your life to the fullest and if companionship is important to you, then this will definitely include some degree of going out and “doing” things. Skiing, dancing, coffee-shop hopping – whatever your jam is. Even online dating! Just check the energy you’re bringing to that activity – let it be from a place of having fun! Be light, curious and not hyper-focused; there’s a lot else in life for you to be living.

I remember a time when I was looking for a boyfriend. Man, it was like the harder I looked, the fewer (viable) options I could find. It felt pretty hopeless, and I found myself saying things like there are no good guys in this city – and no tall ones either ;).

I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

When I let go of finding him and focused instead on being my awesome self (not solitary or fiercely independent, but happy and positive), it didn’t only pour men, it rained em. And I wasn’t hungry, I was full with my love – so I was the chooser. So when I saw him, I recognized him, because I saw myself in him. His love for life and for himself were a match to the kind of love I had, too.

If you can wrap your mind around the perspective shift that would need to happen, for you to go from looking to being open – it would totally shift your vibrational output; and when this happens, you WILL cross paths with your energetic match when the time is right.

Remember, looking for your soulmate implies that there’s something out there you can’t see; staying open clears the channels for it to come in.

Peace, love and staying open to your soulmate,

Ask Diana



    This year I decided to focus on me!! I go to the gym, I want to be in the best shape ever, looking for another job and shape up my finance. I am spending time with friends & family. If i go out is because I want to have fun and not to meet a '' guy'' . I I found it less stressful and I enjoy myself more.
    I am not saying that I stay home and wait for dude to knock at my door bur right now i'm doing ME!!!

    1. I love a woman who's focused on being her amazing self! The more you en"joy" the more you attract all kinds of positive opportunities and people! Keep up the JOY xo


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