Whether You Realize it or Not, You

Whether You Realize it or Not, You’re Already Living Your Dream Life

Have you ever stopped to reflect on how much of the life you’re living today is something you once envisioned for yourself?

Maybe you imagined living in a specific city, or having a certain job or dollar amount in your bank account. Maybe you dreamed of living out your own reenactment of Sex and the City, cocktails, one night stands and all.

Regardless of your past vision, it’s both important and necessary that as we conjure up the picture of our ideal life from this point forward, we don’t forget to recognize how much of what we’re living today was something we once dreamed of.

Currently, my vision includes a home large enough to accommodate our growing family; a haven in the middle of the city with a backyard, cozy fireplace and lots of natural sunlight. It also includes hosting international retreats, doing lots of writing and creating, enjoying the fruits of a successful business, and partaking in much travel and downtime, too. It’s a big, beautiful vision.

But it’s important that before I go on asking for more, I take a moment to appreciate the manifestations of my past visions. When I acknowledge my ability to bring my visions to reality, I’m lifted and inspired to know that I can create anything I picture in my mind’s eye.

For years I dreamed of meeting a man who loved me unconditionally. I imagined this man would be handsome, funny, warm, and who’s heart would feel so familiar that being in his presence would feel like home. I’m confident in saying, I’m now married to that man today. I also dreamed of having a family- and now, I’m a mom to a one year old baby boy. I envisioned doing work that I not only loved, but that I could do on my schedule. As you can probably guess, I have that, too! Whenever I stop working midday to head to the gym, or stay home with my son rather than send him to daycare, I’m overwhelmed with a deep sense of appreciation and realization that…I’m life I’ve always wanted. With goosebumps and a renewed sense of appreciation, I then feel excited to move “onto the next one” – the next (best) version of my life.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for more, with wanting continuous evolution and growth. It doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you human. With a Universe that is constantly expanding, why wouldn’t you too, continue to expand? Where it feels unaligned for me, and likely for you too, is when we don’t stop to appreciate how far we’ve come, how much we already have and how much of the life we’re now living, was once a vision we held so dearly in our young hearts.

My invitation to you, is to ground yourself to what you want in the next season of your life – a thriving relationship, booming bank accounts, travel and adventure – by taking notice of and showing appreciation for what you’ve already got, right here, right now.

Acknowledge the magic of your life, and keep allowing more of it.

Peace & love,


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