Like a Girl

Like a Girl

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“You cry like a girl”…“You throw like a girl”… “You talk like a girl”.

I have no doubt that everyone reading this has heard these kind of statements either in reference to themselves or to someone else, many, many times. But I’m here to say: What the F**K does that mean?

If you mean that I cry like someone who understands their emotions and knows how to properly express them – thank you.

If you mean that I throw with precision and focused attention – thank you.

If you mean that I speak with passion and enthusiasm – THANK YOU!

I think you get the point. It really is up to all of us, men and women alike, to change the negative connotation to the reference of “like a girl”. As long as we continue to accept the message as it currently stands, then we’re also willing to accept the notion that women are inferior and that being compared to one, is an insult. Not to mention, it creates a low standard for girls & women – ie. I don’t have to throw well, because I’m a girl.

This is where parents of girls come in and play a pivotal role in their development. I understand the natural tendency to protect little girls, to come to their rescue and keep them from harm’s way (or even the mere possibility of it), to help them with anything that involves manual labour – even saving them from small (yet seemingly big and scary) predators, ie. insects. But this is where the change must happen; this is the root of it all.

We must begin empowering girls by letting them know that yes, we are there for them, but that they too can do anything; that they are strong enough and smart enough. Not only will this give girls, who grow into women, the independence to conquer their amazing lives, it will more importantly, assist them in keeping their exceedingly high fears, in check. By knowing that we are strong enough, both mentally AND physically, we will have the confidence to pursue the life that we dream of – real talk. It may even prevent the trap of sitting in front of the mirror, brushing our hair, waiting for prince charming to come to our rescue.

I will be the first to admit that much of this has already been lost on me, as I definitely prefer to have my father or boyfriend change my tires, assemble new furniture – and save me from big spiders! (Ok, I’ve actually started to escort the spiders out of my home myself now) But more and more, I take on the duties of this nature myself. This is also one of the biggest reasons I work out – so that my physical strength can start matching up to my mental strength.

On a closing note: Girls (women) are pretty damn great at a lot of things. Why are there no references to being like a girl from a positive light? Such as wow, you have a great eye for detail – like a girl. Or wow you have great intuition – like a girl. Or wow you have excellent communication skills – like a girl.

Something to think about…and something to start changing, today.

Peace, love and being awesome – like a girl,


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